Princeton Valedictorian Cameron Platt, 25, Confirms Engagement To Professor Lee Clark Mitchell, 71 -- Does Age Matter?

Princeton valedictorian Cameron Platt, 25, got engaged to her former professor Lee Clark Mitchell, 71. Their age gap shocked many, but there is more to them.

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A 2016 valedictorian from Princeton University appears to be in a serious relationship with a former professor of hers, to the point where the two have recently gotten engaged.

The announcement came in a private Facebook post that talked about her relationship with her fiancé and expressed great positivity about her life.

The professor, Lee Clark Mitchell, is reportedly going to turn 72 in a few months. 

Despite the age difference, the two have still managed to find true love, according to reports, and have no second thoughts about things between them.

The story has made the rounds on social media -- mostly as a result of the issue of the age difference -- but the two have not offered any comments so far. 

It does not look like they are planning to do so either, as they have been relatively private about their relationship until now. 

Most comments on social media have been positive though, and it does not look like most people have an issue with the difference.

The woman has kept her relationship with the professor relatively private for the last six months but has decided to finally announce it after realizing that things between them indeed were serious. 

25-year-old Cameron Platt wrote last week: "I was taking his lecture course on Henry James and William Faulkner. Lee was little more than a stranger to me then, but he captivated me with his brilliance, sensitivity, and passion. His lectures changed forever the way that I think."

She continued with: "I was surprised to find how much I still thought of Lee — and soon I understood that I felt something for him that I’d not fully acknowledged before. At the end of my two years in Oxford, after much reflection, and with encouragement from my wonderful friends, I resolved to shoot my shot."

No details about the wedding itself have emerged, though we do not expect those to be publicized at all. 

As far as social media goes, most people have been very supportive of the woman and her love, and have wished them happiness and great years together in comments on the revealing post that dropped the big news. 

Do you think the age gap is a problem, yes or no?