Privately Funded Portion Of Border Wall Reportedly Finished Construction Over Memorial Day

source: The Daily Caller

Referred to as the first project of its types, over the past Memorial Day weekend construction officially began on the first ever privately-funded sections of a border wall between the United States and Mexico.

Part of the online viral campaign—We Build The Wall—which called on everyday American citizens to fund a border wall between the US and Mexico, was announced to have broken ground over the holiday weekend.  The organized revealed that approximately a one-mile section, of an 18-foot steel bollard wall, was in fact built along the country's southern border—between El Paso, Texas and Sunland Park, New Mexico.

Even though the design of the wall is very similar to that in use by the US Border Patrol, the organizers of the We Build The Wall campaign say that their version is faster and cheaper to get built.  The project itself was reportedly lead by Tommy Fisher, construction mogul and CEO of Fisher Industries.

On Monday, while speaking to Fox News, informal immigration advisor to the current administration, Kris Kobach, reminded that the wall was the first to have had a portion built on private property.  He also went on to mention that the piece of land it was constructed on is not just any land.  The recently built wall connects two 21-sections of current fencing, finally closing the previous gap between a wall in El Paso and another wall in Sunland Park.

According to local law enforcement officials, the previous gap was a known hotbed for human and drug trafficking.  The section of the wall that succeeded in closing the gap is on land that is privately owned, with the owner having been agreeable with its construction and said to welcome it with open arms.  Property owner Jeff Allen spoke with CNN, telling the news network what "an incredible job" the construction company was doing.  He went on to say that he had fought illegals for six years on this particular portion of his property and that he loved his country and felt this was a step in his effort to protect it as well.

The project itself has been reported to cost between $6 and $8 million.  The organizers have said once the entire project is completed, the wall would then been sold to the US federal government for the price of $1.  We Build The Wall founder, Brian Kolfage, also added that the government would also have the title released to them as well in the sale.

So, what's the verdict--you decide.

Is private funding the only seeable method of getting the border wall built?