Problems between gangs of rappers lead to incidents of gun violence in Miami.


Firearm incidents leave four people dead in Miami-Dade over the long weekend. In two of them, there would be rappers involved.

There are still few details about what led to the past long weekend is one of the most violent in memory in Miami-Dade County. In a region characterized by a low number of violent incidents compared to other urban areas. There were seven incidents of firearms between Thursday and Monday night. Four people were killed, and at least 24 were injured, all by firearms.

But what is attracting the most attention is that at least two of these incidents involve members of the hip-hop art community.

Today, Tuesday, it was confirmed that the Miami Beach police are questioning rapper DaBaby about the shooting that occurred around midnight last night in South Point, the most luxurious neighborhood of Miami Beach.

At around 11:37 p.m. on Monday, gunshots were heard on Ocean Drive Avenue, at the height of 1st Street, in front of one of the most famous and luxurious restaurants in Miami Beach, Prime 112 Steakhouse. Two people were injured in the incident, and at least one of them has been admitted to the hospital in critical condition.

Police have confirmed that 29-year-old Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, known in the art world as DaBaby, is one of many individuals questioned to clarify the fact. Although there are still no formal arrests for the event, there are several suspects in custody. It is unknown if DaBaby is in the status of a suspect or a witness.

"Detectives are following several leads about the shooting last night near First Street and Ocean Drive. So far, no arrests have been made. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Miami-Dade crime stop line, which is 305 471 TIPS," says the statement sent to the media by Miami Beach police spokesman Ernesto Rodríguez.

It is not the first time that DaBaby has been involved in a police incident in Miami. On New Year's Eve, he was arrested for punching a late-night promoter in the face. The rapper always denied being involved in the incident and was released hours later.

The other major incident capturing everyone's attention is the one that left two people dead and 21 injured early Sunday morning. At the El Mula ballroom in northwest Miami-Dade County, at least three men opened fire on the event's guests. From within the party, they responded with firearms as well. What followed was described by those present as a war zone. More than a hundred shots were heard.

From what the police have stated thus far, it was a confrontation between rival gangs in the style of gangs. In the living room, the release of a rap album was being celebrated. During the event, there were several performances by live artists, such as local rapper ABMG Spitta. The police confirmed that the confrontation seems to have started in the lyrics of some songs. It would have escalated to insults through social networks to end in the shooting.

The suspects, who have not yet been arrested, arrived in a white van captured on a surveillance camera. Other surveillance images show how the people at the party began to run and seek shelter when they heard the shots. The vehicle was found abandoned Tuesday in a Miami canal.

There is a reward of $ 130,000 for anyone who provides accurate information about this shooting. The FBI is collaborating with the local police.