"Profoundly Stupid": Jeffrey Toobin will Return to CNN, Saying the Case Cost Him His Job

He was suddenly back in the news with a story about a disgusting incident that got him fired from the New Yorker magazine.

source: https://ibb.co/mvZVR5p

The writer and legal analyst, Jeffrey Tobin, is a high profile return to CNN on Thursday to apologize for salacious failure of the Zoom that led to his firing at the New Yorker, and vowed to "be a good man."

Tobin restored the CNN viewers Alisin Camerota, who had the unenviable task of summing up how Tobin had a cleaning with colleagues from the united Kingdom in October, when the event was captured on a camera, which cost him his job at the newspaper.

Tobin was on air for a federal district court ruling against California's assault weapons law. But before that, he was able to get in on the issue, Camerota, greeting Tobin, and said:"

"I think we need to talk about what has happened in the month that we don't see each other," Camerota said.

- Everything will be taking a break in a few minutes, during which time you get caught having sex with the camera, in-Camerota went on to tell of the pro-zoom call with an uneasy smile.

"You were fired, and after doing this for 27 years, working experience, and that is when you are on vacation, which is in WISCONSIN. Am I okay?" he asked.

Tobin said, "are you all right, sorry."

After Camerota popular in the 2005 episode of "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", as A Grant, and gave his first interview about his humiliating arrest for picking up a prostitute on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

"Okay, let's start with that. With reference to the DJ's Tonight show," What the hell were you thinking? he said, "Camerota.

"Well, it turns out, I liked it, very good, or very good, and there was nothing no sense to me," Toobin said.

Tobin, author of "The Run of His Life: The People V. O. J. Simpson," he said, to think that he is off-camera.

"I think at one point I didn't know if to say, "my defense" because it is, in fact, there is nothing to protect me, " I thought you were calling it. I thought that other people would look at me," he said.

"This is a deeply stupid and unacceptable, but it is a part of the story," he said. I spent the next seven months of the year - it is the most miserable month of my life, I have to admit to trying to get better. I am being treated, and I will try to give all public service, the work, the food, and the food, which is, of course, I will continue to do so."

Camerota asked Tobin, and if he understood the consequences of the incident, had been a colleague of mine, who has witnessed the embarrassing act.

"I've talked to some of my former New Yorker colleagues on this,"he said . I think that they realized that it was not for them. I think that they realized that this was something for which I will be mentioning."

Tobin said that he did not want to make this political "sorry", "I'm very sorry if you were offended."