Psychosomatics in adults: treatment with a soul and improved lifestyle

Advantages of the new technique of Dr. Andrei Efremov put traditional hypnotherapy at odds

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What challenges do we face on the road to health?

It is believed that negative emotions can provoke the onset of certain diseases, and nervous shocks and the endured stress are, if not the basis, then the primary catalyst for the onset of pain and depression.

What challenges do we face on the road to health?

The search for ways to influence physical health through mental health has been conducted since ancient times, but today prospects are opening that were previously inaccessible. Here, the famous hypnotherapy trainer Andrei Efremov can be cited as a vivid example, who combines a traditional scientific approach with an innovative one: in his extensive practice, he used all types of hypnosis, hypnotic analysis and psychoanalysis and, as a result, created a unique method - MindChat

Previously, he successfully practiced the author's Efremov's Approach, which was transformed into MindChat, and the effectiveness of this original development has grown significantly! It is based on an innovative idea - the understanding that we are all already under hypnosis. Thus, the task is to get out of this state, not inject. And if we proceed from the fact that emotions affect the development of the disease, then there is a possibility of curing a person by eliminating his psychological problems.

Experts use various techniques for this:

long-term work with a psychologist;
regression therapy
cognitive, cognitive-behavioral therapy;
gestalt therapy (which became irrelevant after the creation of the "Efremov Method");
figurative types of therapies and associated with energies.

The purpose of such interaction, despite the variety of techniques, is the same - to eliminate pain, form correct attitudes and reduce the need for medicines, but this does not completely restore health.

Most of the common methods are of limited use and produce only dubious results. Therapy is obtained for a long time, and sometimes in the process of inept manipulations with the psyche, an adult receives even more problems than he had before contacting a psychotherapist. Unfortunately, many "Aesculapians" benefit not from curing you, but to treat you longer. Feel the difference, as they say.

There is another problem: not all "healers" are decent people. For example, information obtained during a hypnotic session can be used by them against the patient. They can also convince that the basis of the disease is psychosomatics, while the disease, the causes and treatment of which do not depend on psychology, in the meantime, can actively progress, leaving no chance of recovery.

Yes, sometimes patients feel better after one course or another, but this false sensation is not caused by solving the problem, but by being put into a hypnotic state. Moreover, no one will tell you that this is hypnosis: most likely, you will hear that “transformation”, “meditation”, “expansion of consciousness” have been applied to you - any safe designation of an unsafe technique.

Advantages of the new technique of Dr. Andrei Efremov

The methodology of the psychotherapist Andrei Efremov is fundamentally different from all methods of mental influence on the body known today.

Practical experience and extensive knowledge in the field of psychology helped Efremov save patients from more than 100,000 emotional and psychological problems, and also share his knowledge with more than 2,000 students.

At the same time, everyone can master the MindChat technique offered by Dr. Efremov. The material is presented in a simple and accessible form, so it will not cause difficulties even for an unprepared person.

According to the author, it can take just a minute to receive a unique key to mental and physical recovery (of course, depending on the initial preparation)! The solution of psychological and psychosomatic problems in the end turns out to be more effective than with hypnosis and the introduction of the patient into a state of somnambulism.

So why is it worth paying attention to this particular technique?
Having mastered it, you will learn to easily recognize the emotions that are the cause of such familiar symptoms - pain, weakness, indigestion, and also:

understand how the psychosomatics of adults can affect their physical health;
become a healer for yourself and be able to help loved ones;
stop trusting your subconscious mind to dubious "hypnotists";
you will be able to distinguish in which cases treatment in adults can be carried out using the principles of psychosomatics, and when you need to go to the hospital;
you will perceive yourself and everything that happens in life in a different way, and you will stop wasting the body's resources on trifles.

With an experienced psychotherapist Andrei Efremov, you will learn to better understand yourself and those around you, as well as acquire many useful skills. Become a healthy, self-sufficient, calm and confident person!