Punching and kicking: security guard assaulted people in a Texas Mexican restaurant.

source: usatribunemedia.com

The events occurred in a Mexican food establishment located in Dallas.

On May 13, a security guard operating in Texas went viral following a video posted on social networks. According to information from The New York Post, he appeared executing a series of martial arts movements to attack a man and a woman in the facilities of a Mexican restaurant.

The video shows that a guard with long hair began to beat a subject inside the El Pulpo Northwest establishment, located at 2829 W. Northwest Highway, in the Dallas area. According to information from Univisión, the incident occurred on May 9 at around 9:15 p.m., according to data from local authorities.

It should be noted that the person who attacked some people in the restaurant was wearing a bulletproof vest, and he was also seen armed. At the same time, he gave a series of blows to a subject in a white T-shirt who ran out of the establishment after receiving a punch in the face.

The security guard's actions, whose identity is unknown, did not stop there, as he immediately hit a blonde-haired woman who also attacked him, intending to stop the attacks by the uniformed man. Moments later, the woman started to cry from the blows she got. Another person inside the establishment asked if she was okay, to which she answered yes.

After attacking the woman, the security guard left the establishment to continue beating the man he had previously assaulted with punches and kicks. According to the American newspaper, the video was reported into an article known as Saul Zapata. He assured the Storyful news agency that the fight had started before pressing the "record" button on his cell phone.

So far, the video broadcast by Zapata through his Twitter account has gathered more than 73,000 "likes" and has been retweeted by more than 18,900 users. In addition, through this same social network, Saul offered more context about what happened in the facilities of the Mexican restaurant.

I was trying to line up at a table, and the security guard was already trying to kick a man as they started throwing him out. Before I could start recording, his wife leaned over to the guard. The rest of the video follows, the witness said.

In addition, according to The New York Post, the Dallas police told Storyful that the man who was attacked received a citation for public intoxication and a warning for breaking. For its part, information from Univision assured that the fight started because A group of people entered the premises and the security guard tried to avoid it, so he began to release punches and attacks after the resistance of those involved.

Internet users reacted immediately after the video was released, comparing the security guard's movements to those of some video game characters. Also, he pointed out that he found the video funny through GIFs.