Pyongyang breaks ties with Malaysia for extraditing North Korea to the US.

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Pyongyang announced on Friday that it had severed diplomatic connections with Malaysia after that country extradited a North Korean national to the United States in a foreign ministry statement announced by the state news channel KCNA.

They have warned that not only will Malaysia "pay" for this extradition, but that "the United States will also pay the price due."

The North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced on Thursday that the country cuts diplomatic relations with Malaysia for "the unforgivable crime" of the Malaysian authorities of "forcibly delivering an innocent North Korean immigrant in the US.

According to the statement collected by the national news agency KCNA, this city would have been accused of "criminal," while North Korea defends that he has been involved for years in legitimate foreign trade activities in Singapore and, therefore, " it is an absurd fabrication and a pure conspiracy to argue that he was engaged in 'illegal money laundering. "

For Pyongyang, this extradition is an "alarming incident for the world" product of the "anti-North Korea conspiracy created from the atrocious policy of hostility of the United States aimed at isolating and suffocating our country and the pro-American submission by part of Malaysia."

It is an infamous act and an unforgivably severe crime" of the Government of Malaysia, which has offered its citizen as "a sacrifice to the hostile movement of the United States in defiance of recognized international laws, not content with its blind acceptance of and obedience to unfair pressure from the United States. "

Lastly, he warned that not only Malaysia will "pay" for this extradition, but that "the United States will also pay the due price."

On Wednesday, the Malaysian Supreme Court accepted the extradition to the United States of North Korean Mun Chol Myung, accused of violating UN sanctions by sending banned luxury goods from Singapore to Pyongyang and money laundering.

Malaysia and North Korea have had good relations for decades as members of the Non-Aligned Movement, which emerged from the Cold War in the early 1960s.

However, the relationship got complicated after the death in a nerve agent attack of Kim jong Un's stepbrother at Kuala Lumpur airport in 2017.

International speculation targeted the North Korean leader.