R. Kelly Is Out of Jail After Child Support Issues Have Been Cleared Up, Reassures Fans Things Will Be Alright

R. Kelly just left jail in the child support case and a new tape has been found. Will other charges be brought forward against the R&B singer?

R. Kelly Is Out of Jail After Child Support Issues Have Been Cleared Up, Reassures Fans Things Will Be Alright500
source: Fox News

R. Kelly was recently released from jail after his pending child support payments to the tune of $161,000 were paid by someone else. 

The identity of the person behind the payment has not been publicly revealed yet, and R. Kelly himself does not seem to want to share any details about the situation.

It was initially believed that Kelly would have to spend a lot of time in jail after a judge ordered him to pay the large sum of back support. 

The R&B music legend himself has not made any comments indicating that he had any plans to make the payment on his own, which was the main reason many were surprised by his sudden release.

Many fans of the Chicago native were waiting for him outside of the jail and seemed eager to see him finally free. 

R. Kelly stopped to reassure those supporting him that he had no intentions to give up on his current fight, and wanted everyone to know that things would be okay in the end.

He stated: "I promise you we are going to straighten all of this out, that's all I can say right now. I promise you."

Mr. Kelly still has a hearing coming up next Wednesday, and there are specific details about his attendance that are still under question in the eyes of the public. 

The controversial artist has been relatively quiet on the situation as well, and while his defense team appears to be working in full gear, they have been keeping a relatively low profile with their plans. 

Which, in the grand scheme of things, might not be a bad approach at all. 

While dealing with all of this drama, an alleged third tape featuring Kelly has surfaced.

The Pennsylvania man, who found it, explained:  "I thought it was a recording of an R. Kelly concert. It shows Kelly engaging with these children in sexually abusive acts. I was inclined to throw out the tape and put it in the garbage, but then I discussed it with my wife, and we decided the right thing to do was to turn it over to law enforcement."

Are Kelly's critics right or wrong to attack him from all angles?