Rafael Santos Borré moves away from River: he is one step away from signing with a Bundesliga team.

source: today.in-24.com

The Colombian striker, who is playing the Copa América, will have the pass in his possession in the next few hours, and Eintracht Frankfurt tempted him to cover the possible departure of André Silva, one of the last stars of the German tournament.

The future of Rafael Santos Borré keeps the River world awake. The Colombian striker will be released this Wednesday, June 30, and is in negotiations with several foreign clubs while the Millionaire's offer awaits an eventual response. In the last hours, a powerful Bundesliga team would be on the verge of selling its top scorer. All cannons point to the attacker leaving Núñez to become his replacement.

This is Eintracht Frankfurt, a box in the German league, which is about to shed its figure André Silva after receiving an offer of 25 million euros from RB Leipzig. As a result, he begins looking for alternatives to meet the goal quota that the 25-year-old Portuguese striker will be left vacant. The need for a tip is urgent, and there is a large budget to sign one of the best players in South America in the last time.

According to the journalist Max Biefeld of the Sky Sports chain, Rafa will arrive free to the German team and would be ready to sign a contract for the next four seasons. "Their final decision is expected to be received in the next few days," the communicator wrote on his Twitter account. Then, the Germans would open the door for the second cycle of Borré in the Old Continent. It should be noted that Atlético de Madrid bought him in 2016. Still, he did not play for that club and left on loan for a short period to Villarreal of Spain before landing in River.

From the footballer's environment, they confirmed to Infobae that "there are possibilities" that the negotiations will come to fruition. Rafael's mind is involved in the Copa América. This Saturday, Colombia is playing the pass to the semifinals against Uruguay, considering that he comes from being a starter in the duel against Brazil to close the group stage. But after a bidding battle with rejections towards big clubs like Gremio and Palmeiras, Eintracht Frankfurt seems to be the winner with its economic power.

The Barranquilla native defended the River shirt in 149 official matches, where he contributed 56 goals and assisted his teammates on 18 occasions. In addition, he lifted two international titles (Copa Libertadores 2018 and Recopa Sudamericana 2019) along with four others from the local field (Copa Argentina 2017 and 2019 added to the Super Cup Argentina 2017 and 2019). However, Marcelo Gallardo is close to losing one of his primary offensive weapons to face in the second half of the year.

The German team finished in 5th place in the last Bundesliga and qualified for the Europa League group stage. Many of those points were obtained thanks to the overwhelming performance of Silva. She scored 28 goals and finished as the second top scorer behind Robert Lewandowski (41).