Ralph Northam Backtracks On Recent Apologies Over Blackface Scandal -- Is He Lying?

Ralph Northam is pushing the blackface controversy aside and changing his tune -- it was not him. This twist is not believable to many who say that he is lying.

source: CNN.com

A blackface scandal rocked the state of Virginia in the past weeks, and now the main player in the incident is changing his tune -- he overreacted.

After the controversy started brewing up around old photos from Governor Ralph Northam's 1984 yearbook that portrayed him in a racist light, the liberal politician had issued an apology to the public for his behavior. 

However, oddly enough, Northam has now announced that he may have gone too far with his apologies, apparently after realizing that he was not actually in the photo that generated the scandal in the first place.

According to the Governor, his reaction was one of shock, and he was not thinking clearly when he spoke out in public. 

He states that he later took a look at the picture in a more relaxed state of mind, and realized that it was not even him in it in the first place.

Northam sat down with CBS'

Some have questioned the explanation provided by Northam. Many seem to wonder how the governor could have gotten confused over an incident that he allegedly never took part in. 

Defenders of the governor have stated that it is possible he got certain events mixed up as they are quite far in the past. However, that does not explain why Northam considered it plausible that it was him in the picture in the first place.

Northam added that his confusion possibly came from the fact that he admittedly did wear blackface at one point in his life. 

According to him, it was part of a Michael Jackson impersonation for a dance contest and was not meant to be an act of racism. Not everyone seems convinced with his explanation so far, however.