Ratings Show What Viewers Already Knew—America Is Tired Of The Lying And The Games

Fox News Channel sets the bar for the future of television news media with its massive ratings over competitors CNN and MSNBC.

source: POW

Recent Nielsen ratings show what really doesn’t come as much of a surprise to most television viewers—at least not to this writer anyways.  Fox News Channel has been declared the big kahuna of cable news this past Wednesday night.  Now, what makes this a no brainer is that they beat out BOTH CNN and MSNBC’s in the average primetime viewership.

Even more amazing is the fact that on that same Wednesday night, that Fox News Channel beat out CNN in the ratings, occurred when CNN hosted a Town Hall special with Senator Cory Booker, from New Jersey, who is a current Democrat presidential candidate hopeful.  From the results of the ratings, Americans had little to no interest in Booker, and a whole lot of interest in Sean Hannity's interview with President Donald Trump at that same time.

In the 8pm-11pm time slot, according to the early rating reports, there was quite a bit of difference in viewership across the three networks.  Fox News Channel shined with an average of 3,685,000 viewers, of which 653,000 were in the most prized demographic age group of 25-54.  MSNBC came in a struggling second with an average 2,141,000 viewers, of which only 333,000 consisted of the 25-54 age group.  Limping in last was CNN with an average 904,000 primetime viewers, of which only 235,000 fell within the prized demographic age range.

What seems only to add insult to injury is that pretty much every other prime time program between 8 pm and 11 pm on Wednesday saw an upswing of double digits, while at the same time CNN and MSNBC saw a loss of viewership by double digits.  Fox News Channel appears to have no only bested, but well exceeded, both CNN and MSNBC on Wednesday night.

The strong performers included Tucker Carlson Tonight, at 8 pm, with a total viewership of 3,485,000; Hannity at 9 pm which delivered a very impressive 4,303,000 viewers; and The Ingraham Angle more than held its own, in fact, it dominated the 10 pm hour, drawing  3,268,000 viewers, despite the fact it was up against Booker’s Town Hall special.

It is really no secret that Fox News Channel has been ripping up the airwaves, and pretty much dominating them as well, ever since Special Counsel Robert Mueller's final reports were released last Friday, which in fact showed there was no collusion to be found on the part of the Trump campaign.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Could it be that the American viewing public is finally getting wise to which network is indeed fair and balanced?