Real Life “Guardians” Of The Galaxy Announced With US Space Force

source: Pixabay

The United States now has its own "Guardians of the Galaxy."  No, not the type with characters such as Groot or Rocket Racoon, but those military members of the one-year-old US Space Force. 

Vice President Pence made the official announcement today, the one-year celebration of the forming of the US Space Force, for the branch of the US military.  Pence said: “Soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and guardians will be defending our nation for generations to come.”

The Space Force, which was officially put into service on December 20, 2019, now has a reported 2,000 military members at its service.  There are also a reported 3,600 other military officers and individuals who have filled out their paperwork requesting permission to transfer to the newest branch of military service.  Pence said that the numbers were expected to rise to 6,000 "in just a short period of time."

The first year of the Space Force has seen various accomplishments, both large and small.  The branch has been overseeing several satellite launches, along with the beginning of a new mission featuring the X-378 place made for space flying.  The branch is also the current manager and overseer of the group of US GPS based satellites.

Also under the military branches belt is the publishing of a critical document based on spacepower doctrine, the development of an official logo as well as design for uniforms, and gotten William Shatner’s take on how its ranking should be structured.  Even the online streaming service Netflix lampooned the Space Force in a series of the same name.

Although the current US Space Force is a branch onto itself, it was not started from scratch.  It picks up where the US Air Force Command left off from its creation as far back as the 1980s.  Pence said of the service: "The Space Force is growing stronger every day, and just in the nick of time.  Space is a vacuum, but we're not operating in a vacuum…space is a war-fighting domain."

Pence emphasized how imperative it is for us to invest in the necessary resources, personnel, and technology required to protect and defend our country and the outer reaches of space.

Will the Space Force Guardians be the new breed of the military to reach into the great beyond?