Respect Is The Key to a Successful Marriage, Eva Longoria Says -- Does She Have a Point?

source: Instagram

In a recent interview with the Stellar magazine, ex-Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria Baston opened up about the secrets of blissful marriage.

The key to a successful marriage is respect, Longoria said. In her view, it is vital for couples to be supportive of each other and dream bigger as a couple, not as two separate individuals.

The Hollywood diva admitted that when she was younger, there was so much ahead of her to accomplish. Therefore, she was primarily focused on her own goals. Nowadays, after she achieved so much, she was finally able to sit back, take a breath, and continue to dream big with the right partner, concluded Longoria.

The film-and-TV mogul Eva Longoria is not new to married life. She first married fellow actor Tyler Christopher in 2002. They ended their marriage in 2004 without much publicity. 

In 2007, Eva Longoria said ''I do'' to the French basketball player Tony Parker. They got married in a fairy-tale ceremony in a romantic French village in the countryside. Three years later, the Hollywood star filed for divorce after she revealed that her husband cheated on her.

The former San Antonio Spurs player declined allegations saying that in his view, sexting was not cheating. Years after their divorce, Parker explained that he was unable to cope with all the publicity of their marriage. The Hollywood spotlight did not sit well with me, Parker revealed in an interview, highlighting that Hollywood was a different world, on another level.

After two unsuccessful marriages, Eva Longoria accepted to go on a blind date with the Mexican media tycoon José Baston in 2013. It was a difficult period for both of them as they were ending previous relationships. The actress admitted the sparks didn't immediately fly.

Half a year later, the same mutual friend re-introduced them again, and the magic happened. Longoria revealed that they immediately felt the connection. They got married in May 2016 at Valle de Bravo in Mexico. 

Two years later, in June 2018 the couple welcomed their first child together, Santiago Enrique Bastón. The actress commented on numerous occasions that she did not regret it becoming a mother in her 40's. 

She asserted that she finally found the right partner to start a family with at this stage of her life and it was meant to be. On top of that, in her words, she is no longer that focused on her career, and she is more patient now.

What do you think? Do you support or oppose Eva Longoria's statement that the key to a successful marriage is respect?