Revealed: neo-Confederate group includes military officers and politicians.


Leaked membership statistics from the neo-Confederate Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) business enterprise has discovered that the organization’s the member's consist of serving army officers, elected officers, public personnel, and a national safety expert whose CV boasts of “Department of Defense Secret Security Clearance”.

But along those participants are others who participated in and devoted acts of violence at the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and others who preserve overlapping membership in violent neo-Confederate corporations along wide League of the South (LOS).

The institution, that's prepared as a federation of country chapters, has recently made information for an increasing number of aggressive campaigns against the removal of Confederate monuments. This has covered legal action against states and cities, the flying of large Confederate warfare flags near public roadways, and Confederate flag flyovers at Nascar races.

Last Monday, the Georgia department of SCV began criminal motion towards most of the people-black metropolis of Decatur with the intention of restoring a Confederate memorial obelisk which turned into removed in June 2020, and later changed with a statue of the overdue congressman and civil rights activist, John Lewis.

Last year, in a widely criticized pass, the University of North Carolina’s board of governors proposed growing a $2.5m charitable believe which might pay the kingdom’s SCV organization to maintain a Confederate “Silent Sam” statue which had been eliminated from the campus.

That deal fell aside in latest weeks. But critics – which include former participants – alleged that the SCV commander for the country, Kevin Stone, related to extremists and different “horrifying” those who were recruited to the organization.

Stone, who who also co-founded the SCV Mechanized Cavalry, a bike membership associated with the SCV, reportedly led a takeover of the department which driven out anti-racist individuals.

College of Charleston historian, Adam Domby, whose e book, The False Cause, details the history of the neo-Confederate motion, stated in a telephone communication that “at some stage in its history, the SCV has been linked with white supremacist businesses, and historically it has avowedly supported white supremacist corporations”.

Jalane Schmidt, a professor of faith at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, has been active in the campaign to put off the statues that the Unite the Right rally sought to protect in 2017, and is operating on a e-book approximately the records of neo-Confederate groups consisting of SCV in Virginia.

In a smartphone verbal exchange, she pointed to an 1 April ruling of the Virginia ideally suited courtroom which reversed lower court docket rulings in want of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and The Monument Fund of their quest to make sure Charlottesville’s monuments stayed in vicinity.

“According to the Supreme Court, the SCV and the Monument Fund had been wrong all along, and we may want to have taken down our statues in 2017”, she said.

Instead, the statues had been still status when Unite the Right become organized. As a end result of the rally, Schmidt brought, “humans are lifeless”.

SCV’s attempts to keep Confederate monuments have become greater hard in the face of intensifying needs for their elimination because the upward thrust of the anti-racist Black Lives Matter movement, and the neo-Confederate-inspired mass homicide of Black church-goers with the aid of Dylann Roof in South Carolina in 2015.

SCV final year rededicated removed statues of Confederate president Jefferson Davis and Confederate widespread and Ku Klux Klan founder Nathan Bedford at its National Confederate Museum in Columbia, Tennessee.

The records

The countrywide club statistics was furnished to the Guardian with the aid of a self-described hacktivist whose identification has been withheld for his or her safety.

The records exhibits the names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of almost 59,000 beyond and present contributors of the business enterprise, such as ninety one who used addresses associated with authorities organizations for their contact e-mail, and seventy four who used addresses related to numerous branches of the militia.

They observed that the organization’s website were misconfigured, allowing get entry to to club rolls, recruiting statistics, and other statistics about the internal workings of the institution. The website has had the security issue for a number of years, according to the hacktivist.

The membership facts indicates contributors’ names, addresses, phone numbers, whether or not they may be energetic or now not, and their email addresses.

The Guardian recognized members who had been listed as lively, and whose contact statistics blanketed addresses associated with authorities businesses, the militia, instructional institutions, and non-authorities corporations.

There was a few preceding reporting on an in advance model of the membership database, made public with the aid of Atlanta Antifa, which referred to the presence of Georgia country legislators in the institution’s records.

But the Guardian has located extra legislators, and active participants who are in positions of influence and obligation that reach some distance past the walls of nation legislatures.

High-profile members

One member indexed as lively inside the facts is Scott Wyatt, who represents the 97th district in Virginia’s residence of delegates, which comprises rural counties north of Richmond, which served because the Confederate capital for much of the civil battle.

Duane AJ Probst, who turned into elected coroner of Osage county, Missouri in 2020, after accomplishing the rank of Lt Col in the US Army National Guard, is likewise indexed as an energetic member of the organization.

In a smartphone communique, Probst confirmed his membership, announcing that he had joined in the closing “four or 5 years” after he discovered a relative had fought for the Confederacy, had attended meetings until round years in the past when he have become too busy for everyday attendance.

He stated that in his revel in of the local institution in Missouri, it changed into “a pleasant business enterprise that doesn’t recommend white supremacy”, and the main activities he were worried in have been dinners and lectures.

On the question of statues, Probst stated that “the guys who forged the united states had been fallacious”, and that “I don’t know that taking down a statue goes to ameliorate any problems”, including that he turned into now not against including plaques to monuments considering that “views change as time is going on”.

On the presence of extremists in SCV, Probst said he had by no means encountered any, however that “it doesn’t wonder me. There are militant individuals of each organization.”

Probst, who ran for coroner as a Republican, added that: “I am a member of a political faction in this u . S . A .. There are members of that faction who are loony in my view. That doesn’t suggest I must stroll faraway from the corporation. Instead I fight for the values I think it represents.”

Another member of the group who's indexed as active, Dr Danny W Davis, is each a professor and application director at Texas A & M University and a schooling consultant to the US army reserve. His membership records includes a US army contact e-mail deal with

Davis states on his publicly to be had CV that he has “Department of Defense Secret Security Clearance”, that he's a “Training Consultant to US Army Reserve, San Antonio, Texas”, and the “Director, Certificate in Homeland Security Program”.

Davis’s CV includes details of courses Davis has taught and advanced, which includes “Domestic Terrorism: The Internal Threat to America”, that is defined as “a complete survey of home terrorism”. The CV additionally factors to Davis’s 20 yr military profession which led to 1997 with Davis a Lt Col.

In a telephone conversation, Davis showed his energetic club in the institution, announcing that he had joined due to the fact he had “3 remarkable grandfathers” who had fought for the Confederate navy.

On the question of statues he stated that “whilst we start taking down monuments, I assume that’s incorrect”, and that to him they “constitute guys who have been combating for something they believed in”.

Davis said that the ones beliefs “protected slavery, however now not best slavery”, including, “do I think the proper outcome came out of the civil warfare? Yes.”

Davis said “I am no longer a white supremacist” and stated he become amazed to hear approximately the overlap between the institution and extremist organizations, saying that members had been in most cases “re-enactors”, “humans like me who're interested by records”, and “military veterans”.

He said that he consists of rightwing extremists in his graduate guides on domestic terrorism, and that he's presently revising a course to consist of the 6 January attack on the US Capitol, in addition to the sports of “Antifa and BLM inside the Northwest”.

A quantity of participants listed as energetic contributors use electronic mail addresses associated with The Citadel, a public army academy placed in Charleston, South Carolina.

A total of 13 contributors using Citadel or Citadel alumni e-mail addresses seem inside the club database, with six listed as energetic contributors.

One of those lively participants is retired National Guard Brig Gen Roger Clifton Poole, who has two times served as meantime president of the university, and stays a professor in The Citadel’s School of Business.

Wyatt and Poole did no longer immediately reply to requests for comment.

Radical neo-Confederates

Alongside those SCV contributors, but, are others who've overlapping membership in more explicitly racist or violent companies, or who have been involved in political violence at activities like Unite the Right, the occasion where Heather Heyer was murdered by way of white supremacist James Fields in 2017.

They encompass North Carolina attorney, Harold Crews, who is listed as an lively member of the SCV. Crews is also a member of the League of the South, and marched with the group at Unite the Right in 2017.

Crews turned into worried in scuffles with counter-protesters at the day. Later, backed by using a disinformation marketing campaign driven by using white nationalist blogger, Brad Griffin, who was then LOS’s public members of the family officer, Crews persuaded a decide to difficulty a warrant for the arrest of DeAndre Harris, who Crews and who was badly beaten in a parking storage via six Unite the Right attendees.

While the general public positions of SCV emphasize the renovation of Confederate “history”, LOS is an openly secessionist institution which seeks to separate the states which joined the confederacy as a brand new white supremacist nation. Crews served because the North Carolina chair of LOS, and hosted a podcast called Southern Nationalist Radio, where his guests blanketed LOS founder, Michael Hill.

Other lively participants who attended Unite the Right encompass Virginian, George Randall, and North Carolina primarily based James Shillinglaw. On the day of the rally, Shillinglaw changed into captured on video beating a counter-protester with a flagpole.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Randall and Shillinglaw are also LOS participants.

Also at the membership rolls, but listed as presently inactive, is long term Georgia-based far-right activist Chester Doles. Doles, a former Klansman and member of the neo-Nazi National Alliance who marched at Unite The Right with the Hammerskins white strength gang, changed into pictured in 2013 carrying the insignia of the SCV Motorized Cavalry, a bike club made up of individuals of SCV.

Doles turned into reputedly a member of the institution lengthy after he changed into imprisoned first in Maryland in 1993 for beating a black guy, and later for guns costs in Georgia.

Crews, Doles, Randall, and Shillinglaw did no longer without delay respond to requests for remark.

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