River Plate - Tension in Colón: Góez threw a pipe at Pinola, infuriating the defender.

source: today.in-24.com

The Colombian drew luxury with the game 2-0 in favor of Sabalero and led to a discussion with the experienced defender.

It happened 25 minutes into the second half. River Plate was overturned en masse in the attack: they lost 2-0, and Colón was with ten men due to the expulsion of Gonzalo Piovi. Yéiler Góez, planted on the right side of the area, prepared to face Javier Pinola in pursuit of achieving the third conquest or gaining oxygen minutes in the middle of the siege. Instead, he pushed the ball back several times, and when the defender moved forward, he threw a pipe at it, which turned out to be dirty, bouncing between his ankles. Good luxury or an excess?

The offensive play did not prosper, but it did not stop there. Two minutes later, cameras captured the discussion between the 38-year-old experienced defender and the Colombian. But, of course. Beyond the logical friction of the game, there was no "revenge" for the former Rosario Central and racing.

The Góez clearly signed 2-0 in the opening round, partially signed in the 33rd minute (the match defeated Sabilero 2-1).

The midfielder started the action and yielded to Facundo Farías. They broke off his mark and took a center back that the Colombian turned into a goal with a subtle touch.

Matías Suárez was discounted on end for a Millionaire who generated a lot but suffered from effectiveness. "Although they put themselves ahead, they were left with one less man, and we didn't know how to take advantage of it so well. In the second, we got a little better. We tried, we arrived, we had chances, the goalkeeper had a great game, and we missed the last shot.

Pinola described the development of the match.

"I don't know if Colón was just the winner. They came and converted. We lacked one more goal", he concluded.

The party once again called for supremacy in the conflict between Gallardo and Eduardo Domínguez. The former defender lost only one match against the doll. Those are the statistics, nothing more; they reunited the last Professional League Cup champion coach.

Góez, the protagonist of the disputed play, is 21 years old and was born in Urrao, Colombia. 

With Atletico Nacional de Madeleine's past, he joined Colin's ranks in 2020. In the Red Black team's last Olympic round, he played 11 games and scored one goal. And at the premiere of the title, it made its mark on the network and also with the luxury of Crash ... which resulted in that.