Robert Durst sick with Covid-19 and is in a ventilator after a his life sentence, lawyer says

"All we know he's tested positive for Covid-19, he's in hospital and on a ventilator," his lawyer.


New York real estate heir Robert Durst has tested positive for Covid-19. He is attached to an air-conditioner his lawyer said.

"All we know he's tested positive for Covid-19, he's in hospital and on a ventilator," Dick DeGuerin said to NBC News on a phone call. "He appeared to be in terrible shape on Thursday. He was the most awful I've seen him. He was breathing difficult and was having trouble speaking."

The diagnosis came the same day he has been sentenced to life prison for the murder of a acquaintance more than 20 years ago in a murder that could be linked to the murderer's missing wife.

No explanations in the case of disappearing Arizona man who disappeared after a an event in 2008.

On Thursday, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Mark Windham handed down that sentence a month after jurors found Durst, aged 78, for first-degree murder of the December. 23rd, 2000 murder of Susan Berman. Berman was killed at close range to the rear of her head in the Benedict Canyon home. Durst's lawyers are planning to appeal the judge's ruling.

DeGuerin stated that he believed Durst was vaccine-free, but he didn't know whether he had received an Covid-19 booster.

Grace Medrano, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, informed NBC News in an email that they are unable to answer questions about Durst's condition citing HIPAA privacy rules. HIPAA creates standards across the nation to safeguard individuals' medical records as well as other health-related information about them. Medrano did not disclose Durst's status as a vaccine recipient.

This isn't the only time that Durst's health has become an issue ever since the trial.

The hospitalization occurred in June after "some incident this morning involving his health," Windham told reporters that day. Judge DeGuerin also refused his request to delay the trial due to the fact that Durst was fighting bladder cancer as well as other health issues as per DeGuerin.

Durst was not present in court on the day that jurors indicted him for Berman's murder in the month of March because he was exposed to a person who was positive for Covid-19, as reported by The Los Angeles Times, who first published Durst's latest hospitalization for Covid.

Court records that the paper obtained reveal that Durst's lawyers repeatedly requested a mistrial on the grounds that the defendant was sick and unable to be able to testify in his defense. Durst was also forced to endure the majority of his trial on his wheelchair.

Robert Durst sentenced to life in prison for murder committed in 2000 of a friend Susan Berman

OCT. 15, 202102:00

Before Berman's death in 2000 She was scheduled to testify to the police about a false alibi she claimed to have given Durst after his wife vanished during a trip to New York in 1982, according to the prosecutors.

Kathie Durst has not been discovered, and there are there have been no charges made regarding her disappearance.

After the death of Berman, Durst fell off the grid and was able to land on the streets of Galveston, Texas, where was given the name Dorothy Ciner and regularly wore the wig of a woman as well as dresses and high-heeled shoes.

In self-defense, Durst was found not guilty of the murder that occurred in September 2001 of his friend Morris Black, despite admitting to dismembering his body.

Then , in the 2015 HBO documentary seriescalled "The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst," Durst was seen to confess to the killings.

The man went into the restroom still wearing a hot mic and recorded him saying in his head "You're caught! What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course."

In the testimony before the sentencing of Durst, Berman's family members spoke with passion about the impact she and her murder, had on them.

"Let us know where Kathie's body is, so her family can get some closure," David Berman, one of Susan Berman's cousins said.