Rogelio Romero defeated Croatian boxer Luka Plantić: he went to the quarterfinals at Tokyo 2020.


Rogelio Romero defeated Croatian boxer Luka Plantić: he went to the quarterfinals at Tokyo 2020.

By unanimous decision, the Mexican beat his opponent 4-1.

Mexican boxer Rogelio Romero advanced to the quarterfinals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics by beating Croatian boxer Luka Plantić 4-1 in his most recent contest.

Romero debuted in the Olympic tournament with his right foot and will now face the Cuban Arlen López in the Light Heavyweight division from 75 to 81 kilograms.

The National Commission of Physical Culture and Sports in Mexico ( CONADE ) celebrated the victory of the Mexican from their social networks. "Rogelio Romero wins! The 26-year-old Chihuahuan boxer makes his right foot debut in Tokyo after defeating the Croatian Luka Plantic, in a split decision (4-1) in the -81 kilogram division," they wrote.

The first round was not favorable for the Chihuahuan, even though he could connect several blows. However, the second and third episodes of the contest were good to give him the victory.

However, the fight with Plantić was not easy, as the blows and the strategies kept the unknown until the last minute. The tough competition ended with Mexico's 4-1 victory to advance to the next round of the Olympics.

Rogelio Romero is the only boxer to represent Mexico at the Tokyo Olympics, so his move to the quarterfinals represents hope for the medal table for the country.

Throughout history, Mexico has managed to hang 13 Olympic boxing medals. For 2021, the Mexican federation sent two women and a man for the medals.

The next contest of the Mexican boxer will take place on July 30 at 5:06 am (Mexico), where he could secure at least the bronze medal.

Who is the boxer, Rogelio Romero?

Rogelio Romero is a native of Chihuahua. They are 1.91 meters tall and were the third official selection team announced by CONADE after Tamara Cruz.

Esmeralda Falcón Reyes became the first Mexican woman to enter the Olympic ring.

"It gave me a lot of excitement and enthusiasm, but at the same time, I felt committed to continuing training hard and continuing strong with the preparation because if we don't reach 100 percent, it would be pointless. So I am committed to myself to arrive in the best conditions at Tokyo 2020", the boxer mentioned after being announced.

In preparation for Tokyo 2020, the athlete traveled to Los Angeles, United States, and did a 13-day camp to compete in Tokyo 2020.

The Olympic athlete started boxing at age 14 when he lived in Ciudad Juárez. "I started more than anything for my dad, he was a professional, and I saw him fight; I had to see him four or five times here in Mexico; that's where fighting caught my attention," he said.

From there, his hobby began. In 2015 he participated in his first Olympiad Guadalajara 2010, and in 2012, he became national champion in Puebla 2012. Since then, he has been on a national team and represents Mexico in various sports events.

In 2014, the Mexican Boxing Federation (FMB) summoned him to participate in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, but not before obtaining medals in other events such as the Central American of Veracruz 2014 and the Pan American Games of Toronto 2015.