Roger Stone Will Defend Donald Trump To The End: Is It Really Worth It?

Donald Trump's ally, Roger Stone, is not planning to turn on him. He is willing to fight hard to protect POTUS. How far will he go for Trump?

source: New York Post

One of President Donald Trump’s old political allies, Roger Stone, has recently been indicted and forced to defend himself against charges from Robert Mueller in the court of public opinion.

So right from the start, the case is already going in a strange direction.

Stone reportedly stormed out of the courtroom after bursting in a rant directed at the “political” nature of the case against him and he ended up eating pizza with his attorneys outside.

Stone insists he is innocent in the whole ordeal, and he specifically contacted

In response to the questions brought up to him outside of the courthouse, he could only state that the accusations against him are false.

Many people seem to disagree with him, as chants wishing for his imprisonment surrounded him.

Stone insisted that he would not succumb to the pressure and he has no plans to plead guilty to any of the charges.

Stone added that he has a plan to defeat his opponents in court, and he sees the whole situation as a politically charged investigation aiming to discredit him.

It is believed that the voluminous evidence collected by the special counsel contains a lot of information.

Stone reacted to this by stating: "I believe that over a two-year period, my emails, my text messages, and my phones calls have been monitored," he said. "And I have deleted nothing, I have erased nothing."

His attorneys stood by their client and maintained his side of the story as well, although that should hardly come as a surprise to anyone.

It is not clear how the case will proceed at this point, but it is going to be an interesting one to follow.

When asked if he is touch with the president, he responded: "This is a question that I will have to refer to my lawyers. All I can say is I will tell the truth."

Stone is expected in court on Friday. Did Stone do something wrong on behalf of Trump?