'Roma' Actor Jorge Antonio Guerrero Denied Entry To The U.S. For The Oscars: Should Immigration Officials Be More Laxed?

Roma Actor Jorge Antonio Guerrero was denied a U.S. visa for the Oscars that will be held next month. Surprisingly, he is not angry at the system.

source: Entertainment Tonight

Jorge Antonio Guerrero, most recently known for playing the role of Fermin in

According to reports, the actor has already made three separate applications for entry to the country and has been denied each time.

His first application was for a tourist visa, and then made two additional requests that were sponsored by Netflix and the producers of the show.

Both requests were also denied. The actor expressed his disappointment over his inability to attend the awards ceremony next month and stated that he had already received a written invitation from the producers, but that was of no assistance.

He added that the officials were not even interested in reading his letter or hearing about his situation in more depth and seemed to completely misunderstand the nature of his intended visit in the first place.

Officials were confused and believed that he was trying to gain entry to the US for work, rather than as a guest.

In the end, the last interview he had to go through was even conducted with an aggressive demeanor, which further added to his confusion and frustration with the system.

He explained: "I brought a letter that they didn’t want to read. On my second try, they said that I was going to work, and I answered no, that I was going as a guest. And that last try was a little memorable because it seemed like there was anger on the part of the woman who interviewed me."

The talented actor  also stated: "I have not felt at any moment offended, angry, or victimized. Nobody has done anything to me, that’s very clear. How many other people does that happen to? How many people have to risk their life to go to the United States, not to be invited to a red carpet, but in order to work?"

Officials have so far been quiet on the situation and have refused to comment on it.

This was explained with the recent government shutdown, although it is possible that somebody is currently trying to do some damage control to the whole incident.