Rumors Continue To Swirl About Who Will Be New Batman—Hammer Is The Latest Connected To The Movie.

The Hollywood rumor mill continues to churn, as speculation eyes Armie Hammer as the newest possible replacement for Affleck as Batman.

source: Vanity Fair

As any DC movie fan knows, for the last few years Ben Affleck has filled the cowl of the iconic Batman.  However, all the rumors and speculation over the previous two years have come to pass as accurate, as Affleck announced that he is indeed stepping down from the role.  After three appearances as the fan-favorite superhero of the DC Universe, Affleck threw in the cowl.  This put director Matt Reeves on the search to finding a replacement for his upcoming film “The Batman.”

Ever since the confirmation was announced that Affleck was leaving, there has been no shortage of individuals offering to fill the role.  Several high profile, and not so high profile, names were being rumored and speculated as possible choices.  Included were such Hollywood names like Jon Bernthal (The Punisher), Richard Madden (Game Of Thrones), and Robert Pattinson(Twilight).  Even Nick Jonas has reportedly spoken to both Warner Brothers and DC studios offering to take on the role. 

Screenrant is reporting that it would seem that Warner Brothers and DC may have found their new caped crusader, and are rumored to be in the final stages of talks.  The fact that such a quick choice seems to have been made should really come as no surprise to anyone, as Hammer reportedly had the leg up and best odds for taking over the role from Affleck in the first place.

It is essential to note here, before we go any further, that just because Hammer is reportedly in the final stages of talks, nothing is set in stone or a done deal.  No announcement has yet to have been made concerning a contract or any type of commitment.  For all intense and purposes, this information is still being handled as a rumor, especially if you look at other news coming out about the role.  

Umberto Gonzalez, of The Wrap, recently tweeted there currently are "no targeted names" as well as the fact that Reeves and company are most likely looking for a younger individual to fill the role than Hammer, who is 32-years-old.  

Several other media types who cover just this type of entertainment news information are weighing in that they think the reporting of Hammer having been officially cast is premature.  They go on to say that there are sure to be actors that Warner and Dc may want for the role and as such, are most assuredly vetting those individuals as we type. 

Matt Reeves “The Batman” is currently expected to hit the theaters in 2021.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Would Armie Hammer be able to fill the cape of one of the most recognized pop culture icons of our time?