Salah scored a goal for Liverpool against Watford which provoked the reaction of the English football legend


Salah scored a goal for Liverpool against Watford which provoked the reaction of the English football legend: "He has become Messi."

Gary Lineker, the historical player of the England team, compared the individual play of the Egyptian attacker that ended in a score with an action worthy of the Argentine star.

The importance of Mohammed Salah to Liverpool's offensive front cannot be calculated. Game by game, the Egyptian demonstrates why he ranks among the best attackers on the planet with his performances in the Premier League. Those led by Jurgen Klopp again position themselves at the top of the table. This Saturday, they added three more points by beating Watford 5-0 as a visitor with a goal that stood out above the others.

The match went 3-0 with a double from Roberto Firmino and another from Sadio Mané. Still, the show at Vicarage Road was just beginning. Salah received a ball inside the large area and automatically approached three defenders to avoid any action that endangered Ben Foster's goal. In a confined space, the Egyptian began to dribble until, with a shot feint, he left one of the defenders on the ground and found the room to finish off.

He opened the inside of his left foot and placed the ball against the goalkeeper's right post. Mohammed was facing the Liverpool fans who had come to accompany the team and enjoyed the moment with all his teammates clutching their heads for such a play. The repercussions on social networks were not long in coming, and who compared Salah's beautiful goal with a move worthy of the Argentine Lionel Messi was Gary Lineker, Former Leicester and Tottenham footballer who was also England's top scorer in the World Cup. 1986 from Mexico

"Mo has become MESSI," he wrote on his Twitter account. Some English fans did not like the comparison and responded to the Sky Sports panelist.

Oh, poor you. Trying so hard to make Messi relevant, "wrote one of his followers. Lineker responded with a sense of humor and several laughing emojis: "Someone said that Cristiano Ronaldo has a profile picture.

Gary's admiration for the Argentine star is public knowledge. The day he met him in person, he specially recognized him.He explained at the time that he was finally satisfied to meet the man who I think was the best footballer ever, and found out that Leo Messi was also a complete gentleman.

In addition, ahead of the feud between Argentina and England, the liner Albiceleste has great respect for football and always highlights his contemporary Diego Armando Maradona. Lineker was a privileged witness to the goals he received from the remembered Argentine captain in the Mexico competition that was unforgettable on June 22, 1986, at the Azteca Stadium. However, Gary had the incentive to mark the discount for his team in a World Cup. that had several of the great protagonists in football history in recent decades.