Salma Hayek recognized her love for tacos: "The passion that never leaves me."


The actress emphasized that she can no longer eat ten tacos in a single exhibition.

Salma Hayek opened up about her special taste for Mexican food, especially tacos. For a few days, his love for this traditional Mexican dish has become viral. Still, it was now that he revealed that he would love to taste them without the consequences that this brings.

From his Instagram account, he took up a viral photograph. He is seen eating no less than ten tacos of cochinita pibil in his native Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz. Although the image was captured more than 30 years ago, Salma's action is curious, and it soon attracted attention.

According to what was shared by Internet users who made the capture viral, it was made outside the renowned restaurant known in the 90s as "El Taconazo."

Faced with the impact generated by the unpublished photography, the actress consecrated within the international entertainment industry expressed her fondness for tacos but accepted that she could no longer eat them as often and much less in the amount mentioned.

"Tacos, the passion that never leaves me. I wish I could still eat ten without paying the consequences, "he wrote from his Instagram account.

And so she recalled that throughout her last years of life, she has faced the metabolic changes characteristic of the age and how they have led her to follow diets to stop being overweight.

And it is that although in her youth, the famous Mexican could eat ten tacos of any dish and at once, now her reality is different, because her hormonal changes, characteristic of the age, have led her to worry about the havoc that the increased sizes could cause your body.

The Frida actress commented on Jada Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talk that for many women, the weight gain is noticeable mainly in the breasts, as it has been for her for years thanks to hormonal changes.

The woman from Veracruz said she was aware that she was being pointed out for having undergone a breast augmentation. Still, she has not had to do it in reality because her body has naturally been changing. I didn't accuse him, my breasts as well as the rest of my body were small, but he just confessed, he confessed.

He recommended to women who are teased about their breasts to raise their voices and not be afraid to do the obvious things first to prevent people from using certain body features as a weapon against them.


The famous taqueria "El Taconazo" was the scene where Salma Hayek ate 10 cochinita de pibil tacos without any embarrassment. The famous Mexican was in the center of Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz and in the rise of her career, around the time she was filming El callejón de los milagros.

And it is that you can notice the taste of the famous for eating one of the tacos, to continue with the other nine that were still waiting for her on her plate.

There are not many details of this photograph, but in the Hoy program, they highlighted that Salma enjoyed some tacos of cochinita pibil, a typical dish in Yucatecan food made with pork marinated achiote.

Internet users did not wait for a response to Hayek's tacos. Many congratulated her on her choice, and others were surprised that she could eat ten servings in a single display.

"I am not surprised that Salma Hayek eats tacos in the street (because Mexican), what does surprise me is that she gets 10 to start and without coca", "My little girl is humble," "Leave the humble, he is going to push ten tacos and a normal tortilla !!!! Those are the good geeks !!" or "With good reason, the little girl grew up so beautiful," were some of the comments in favor of the protagonist of Frida and Son Como Niños.