Salvador Cabañas came forward and showed off the new home shirt of America.


The former striker is considered one of America's most excellent references and has a deep love for the team.

Like every summer, most soccer teams took the opportunity to renew the clothing they jump onto the pitch. In the case of America, recent years have been characterized by making the visiting uniform known, in the first instance. After conducting some friendly encounters with the blue shirt, they usually present the stellar outfit. However, the legendary forward Salvador Cabañas came forward and made it known before the club.

This Friday, July 9, a photograph of the Paraguayan Marshal with the new shirt circulated on social networks. In the image, he is seen happily, raising the thumb of his right hand inside a sportswear store. In this way, he became the first former player to wear the new outfit before the official debut of the Eagles in the 2021 Guard1anes Apertura Tournament.

The shirt is, according to the traditional design, predominantly yellow. This tonality predominates in the lower part of the shirt, on which the two logos of the sponsors are observed in blue. From the chest, a triangular figure begins that extends to the shoulders. Unlike the lower part, it has a series of black frets whose background fades from orange to red as it approaches the neck.

On the pre-Hispanic design located on the chest, the club's crest was placed in its traditional color, on the left side. On the other side, symmetrically, the logo of the official sponsor of said uniform is located. It is not the first time that images of the jersey have been disseminated. Divided opinions from fans regarding the new design have become frequent on social networks.

Despite his abrupt retirement as a professional soccer player, after being shot in the head inside a bar located in the south of Mexico City, the name of Salvador Cabañas has been engraved with gold letters in the history of the Eagles. In the four seasons, he was positioned as the top scorer and won the scoring championship in the Mexican league and the Copa Libertadores.

After making his debut at the club on October 12 in his country, in 2001, he was acquired by Audax Italiano, where he remained for three seasons until 2003. In that club, he scored 29 goals in 53 games and was profiled as one of the best scorers in his country. Thanks to his excellent streak, in 2003, he attracted the international spotlight and reached Mexican soccer.

His first soccer experience outside of his country was with the Chiapas Jaguars. He played for three seasons until 2006, where he scored 61 goals in 106 games for the southern Mexican team. Then, with the extraordinary antecedent, and after demonstrating a rapid and satisfactory adaptation to the new football context, he joined the Club América Eagles as a stellar signing.

With those of Coapa, he experienced one of the most challenging stages in his history. Despite not having achieved any title, other than the 2008 interleague, Chava was present with his annotations. Throughout 160 games in which he appeared, he scored 98 goals and registered 16 assists. His presence up front was a guarantee of a plan, so he is one of the most iconic players for the club.

Eleven years after being the victim of the shooting that ended his career, Cabañas returned to Mexico to play a game between the legends of Coapa and the UANL Tigres. Once again, he will wear the azulcrema shirt and characters such as Cuauhtémoc Blanco, Alfredo Tena, Germán Villa, Isaac Terrazas, and Gringo Castro Saturday, July 10, 2021.