Sam Faiers Claims She Was Treated Poorly By Own Friends -- The 'Mummy Diaries' Brings More Heat For Fans

Sam Faiers, of the Mummy Diaries, had a lot of things on her chest and she was quite open about her feelings. Did the family handle things well?

Sam Faiers Claims She Was Treated Poorly By Own Friends -- The 'Mummy Diaries' Brings More Heat For Fans531
source: Closer magazine

 The Mummy Diaries brought a lot of heat in the latest episode that aired Wednesday.

Sam Faiers was recently made unhappy by certain events around her, and she did not hold back on showing that at all.

It all started with a trip that was arranged by her PA, Lana. A miscalculation resulted in there not being enough beds for everyone, at which point Lana was made to sleep on a sofa during the event.

According to Faiers, this kind of treatment was unreasonable, and she claims that someone else should have taken the sofa instead, with Lana being given the bed, given the fact that she was the one to organize the trip in the first place.

Jerri, who was also involved in the scandal, attempted to calm Faiers down, but that quickly went nowhere, as she was intent on delivering her tirade.

At one point, she referred to the situation as “f***ing her off,” claiming that there was a Premier Inn just down the road.

In the end, Faiers decided that she would be the one who would be sleeping on the sofa.

That is despite Jerri’s claims that she would have been okay with that herself.

Some of the people commenting on the situation have pointed out that the whole drama could have been easily avoided, and that it was mostly unnecessary in the first place.

Faiers does not seem to agree though, judging by the behavior she displayed precisely.

She said: "I went in full steam ahead, I really shouldn't have. But it's just so hard to organize such a big occasion. So much goes into it and I just started shouting, saying "what's the problem with the beds?" I can't even remember what I said."

She added: "I will sleep on the sofa. I don't give a f***. Well, I'm just saying... if you want to organize something... do you know what I mean?"

It is not clear if her outburst was related to something else behind the scenes, though nobody has referenced that possibility so far.

Do you agree or disagree with all the things Faiers said?