Sarah Palin urges the use of the mask after disclosing the diagnosis of Covid-19

"I strongly urge everyone to use common sense to avoid spreading this virus and all other viruses out there," said the former Alaska governor.


Former Alaska boss Sarah Palin is urging everyone to keep abreast of the public and wear masks after revealing that she and her family members have been diagnosed with Covid-19.

"I urge everyone to use common sense to avoid spreading the virus and all the rest of the world," Palin, a former Republican vice president in 2008, said in a statement to People. "There are more germs than stars in the sky, which means we can never avoid all sources of illness or danger ... But please be careful, don't be afraid, and I advise you to prioritize your time and resources to ensure good health in the way you can build when germs hit, at least you have some weapons to fight it."

He joked that he used to hide a mask in the house when he appeared on "The Masked Singer," the Fox television show where celebrities show off their speaking skills while hiding their identity behind an expensive dress. Palin, dressed as a colorful bear, was voted into Season 3.

"In all of this, I consider wearing that heavy cloak inside the house in the crowd as not only to allow the new luxury of incognito, but hopefully better than to do nothing to delay the spread," he said. "And history will show that the guests of the 'Masked Singer' who were hidden before they were hidden were cool."

Palin, 57, said her family was diagnosed with coronavirus after one of her daughters woke up unable to taste or smell, which is a symptom of the virus. The daughter was "immediately examined by Covid, and then detained alone," Palin said in a statement.


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"Then I saw signs in my son Trig, which is amazing that he wears a mask, and after several tests a year, he got it," his statement continued. "Children with special needs are at risk of Covid ramifications [Trig was born with Down syndrome], so with high fever he was given azithromycin, which seemed to be really helpful, and I increased the amount of vitamins I could add to his purified diet."

Palin said he soon developed a mild fever and muscle spasms. As soon as he lost his sense of smell and taste, he thought "Covid had caught me."

"That day I finally got infected - like millions of other Americans," he said.

Palin went on to say that his Covid-19 diagnosis shows that "anyone can handle this."