Saudi Arabia: Drone strike on an oil refinery near Riyadh

Saudi Arabia confirmed the attack after Yemen's Shiite rebels announced the attack on an Aramco facility with six drones.


This Friday, an oil refinery in Riyadh was attacked by at least six drones, which ended in a fire, as confirmed by the Ministry of Energy of Saudi Arabia. The incident was controlled, the Saudi state agency SPA reported. The authorities assured that the supply of oil and its derivatives had not been affected.

A source from the Department of Energy told SPA that the drone attack occurred at 6:05 a.m. local time and caused "a fire that was controlled while indicating that the action did not leave injuries or deaths and "the supply of oil they were not affected.

Saudi Arabia confirmed the attack after Yemen's Shiite rebels announced that they attacked a facility of Saudi oil company Aramco with six drones on Friday. At a time when insurgents are stepping up their actions, especially against the major oil company.

However, SPA did not indicate whether the facilities attacked belonged to Aramco.

The energy source, cited by SPA, "strongly" condemned the attack, as well as the terrorist and sabotage acts that are repeatedly committed against vital and civil facilities" that, it said, are aimed at the security and stability of supplies. Of energy in the world and also the global economy.

He also called on the international community to "oppose these terrorist attacks ", after yesterday the UN Security Council condemned the recent attacks against Saudi Arabia launched by the Houthis and urged de-escalation.

The Houthis have stepped up their attacks on targets in southern Saudi Arabia, and since the administration of new US President Joe Biden announced in early February that it was withdrawing support for the offensive actions of the Riyadh-led Arab coalition in Yemen.

The attacks with missiles and drones loaded with explosives reached their peak between March 5 and 7, with the launch of several dozen aircraft, two of which targeted the eastern port of Ras Tanura and the company's facilities. Aramco oil company, no damage.

The Houthis have claimed numerous missile and drone attacks against Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. In September 2019, they claimed to have attacked two prominent Aramco plants, causing the suspension of 50% of Saudi crude production. Still, Riyadh denied their responsibility. and targeted Iran.