Scammers Are Trying To Steal Your Money Through Netflix—Do They Never Learn?

source: Tracy Few

It seems yet again the scammers are running wild, and this time they are trying to get at you through your Netflix account.  Netflix warns its users to not fall for a very convincing phishing email that is going around, that will ask you to update your account details, by clicking on a link in the email itself. 

Although the emails do appear legit, and state they are indeed from Netflix, in reality, they are from scammers that are just trying to gain access to your account to try to steal from you.  The message that Netflix customers are reporting that they are receiving states:

“We’re having some trouble with your current billing information.  We’ll try again, but in the meantime, you may want to update your account information.” 

Then further on down the page, at the end of the message, there is a red button.  By clicking on this red button, customers are made to think they are proceeding to the Netflix site in order to update their information.  In fact, the link takes you to a website that appears official but is actually being run by the scammers in an effort to obtain your personal information.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which is a government based entity that protects consumers against scenarios just like this one, issued a warning to all Netflix users, current and past.  Do not take the bait and click on the button in the email.  If you do, it may very well result in the scammers taking your money, your identity, or even more likely both.

Another thing to consider with the phishing emails is that the scammers can possibly gain access to your computer or network.  The emails may have ransomware attached to them, and when you click on the link the program may transfer to your computer, and possibly lock you completely out of all your data access.

When faced with a possible bogus email from Netflix, remember this three-step process to deal with it:

Check it out by contacting the company directly.  Open a new email and input the email address yourself for extra safety. 

Take a closer look at the email itself.  More often than not the scammers will exhibit poor spelling and grammar—a sure sign.

Report it to Netflix.  Netflix has its own email address for reporting emails such as these.  Forward the email in question to

Have you ever received one of these types of emails?