Scandal in the US: a store promoted an anti-Semitic symbol to identify the unvaccinated.


A hat shop in Nashville offered gold stars similar to those used by the Nazis to mark Jews. Protesters protested at the door of the premises.

A US hat store sparked criticism after promoting a patch of a yellow Star of David, like the one the Nazis used to identify Jews in Germany, with the slogan "not vaccinated" in the center.

The outrage was born on Friday when the HatWRKS store shared a photo on its Instagram account announcing the arrival of the patches, which cost $ 5. In the image, you see a woman, supposedly the business owner, with a yellow Star of David with the message "not vaccinated" on her black T-shirt. The critics did not delay.

Your Nazi Star Badge is probably the most provocative and anti-Semitic thing I've ever seen, posted to a user on the company's Facebook page. In contrast, others used the hashtag #HATEWORKS, a pun between hat and hate (hate).

Local media showed dozens of protesters outside the shop on Saturday, some on benches with no Nazi inscription in Nashville.

Pictures of the Holocaust are not for the sale of hats; read one of the posters of one of the participants in the rally. At the same time, another said that the Holocaust is not for the marketing of the Republican Party, whose base of supporters has a sector linked to the anti-vaccine movement.

Ron Rivlin, a resident of Nashville, assured the WSMV that he was protesting against hatred and ignorance and criticizing the promotion of yellow seeds, which he described as the biggest atrocity he has ever seen in the world. Understands the sign, which is the loss of 6 million people.

Faced with the uproar, the hate store regularly posted content on social media against the Corona virus ban. Democrat Joe Biden removed the photo but replaced it with another message that addressed his critics. Are people angry with my post? But are you outraged at the cruelty and barbarism that the world is facing? he said. If you do not understand what is happening, it is up to you, not me. "

The Stetson Company, famous for its Western-style hats, said Saturday that "as a result of the offensive content and opinions shared, Stetson and our distribution partners will stop selling all Stetson products to HatWRKS in Nashville."

The HatWRKS controversy erupted this week when Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican congresswoman, likened the responsibility of wearing a mask to the yellow stars that the Nazis placed on Jews. Vaccinated employees receive the vaccination logo the way the Nazis forced Jews to wear the gold star; a Georgia representative tweeted about a company that has a badge on the employees' corporate IDs that Are completely vaccinated against.

The legislator was criticized by leaders of both political parties.

On Friday, Biden said in a statement criticizing the recent anti-Semitic attacks in the United States: We cannot allow the poisonous combination of hatred, dangerous lies and conspiracy theories to endanger our compatriots."

This is the most recent controversy surrounding the vaccination process against covid-19 in the United States. This country has suffered the highest death toll from the pandemic.