Scare on Kamala Harris's plane: her flight to Guatemala returned to the US due to a technical problem.


After suffering a delay of about two hours due to a technical problem with the official aircraft, the flight carrying the United States vice president landed on the main runway of the Guatemalan Air Force field at local time 18:18.

Kamala Harris's plane had to be returned on Sunday after a technical problem when the United States vice president took off for Guatemala on her first international trip.

"I'm fine, I'm fine," Harris assured, gesturing with two thumbs as he landed, but added that we all prayed a little, but we were fine.

After waiting an hour and a half for the vice president, he finally boarded a new plane.

This is a technical issue. There are no major security issues for the former California senator, his spokesman Simon Sanders said.

A reporter aboard the plane, Air Force Two, described the unusual noise of landing gear during takeoff. "But the landing ... was completely normal."

Finally, Harris arrived in the capital, Guatemala, on Sunday on a mission to tackle the causes of illegal immigration from Central America and the fight against corruption.

Harris' plane landed at Guatemala Air Force Base (FAG) base in southern Guatemala City at 6:18 pm (0018 GMT).

Wearing a black suit and mask, the vice president was greeted by Guatemala's foreign minister, Pedro Brolo, and the US ambassador to the country, William Popp.

Before embarking on the journey, Joe took her to Mexico as well. The vice president assured him that his trip "is to give people a sense of hope, it is helping, that if they stay, things will improve."

But when these solutions arrive, immigrants who have migrated via Guatemala have assured that their goal is to reach the United States in search of better life opportunities.

Harris will meet with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei on Monday, currently questioned for his lack of commitment to fighting against corruption.

The meeting will occur in an atmosphere tense by criticism of independent judges and prosecutors, an issue that worries Washington.

One of these cases was reported by the head of the special prosecutor against immunity, Juan Francisco Sandoval.

Guatemala is facing a sharp decline in human rights. Guatemalan Ombudsman Jordan Rodas says an atmosphere of persecution has been created against the invaders (...), a reminder of the military dictatorship that we believe we ended in the late 20th century. 

Rhodes, who called on Harris to put pressure on Giammattei, assured that it was "impossible to expect real progress in the fight against corruption and to remove the roots that lead to irregular migration." "

On this topic, Harris has assured that he will have a "very clear and honest conversation" about the fight against corruption, crime, and violence in Guatemala.

A small group of protesters, affiliated with right-wing groups and former President Donald Trump's retired military sympathizers, accused Harris of being a "Marxist" and sought to manipulate the country with his "left-wing policies." "He refused to come out of the FAG.