Schoolboy With Alopecia Is Banned From Playground Over His Hairstyle: Is The School Totally Wrong?

A mother in England is slamming her 5-year-old son's school for lacking cultural awareness for this fuss over the child's hair: Should she compromise? 

source: I Am Birmingham

A mother in England is fighting the officials of Summerhill Primary Academy in Tipton after her son was banned from taking part in recess because of his haircut.

For the past few weeks, Danica Sharpe has been butting heads with the school's office for the way they are treating her 5-year-old son, Josiah Sharpe.

The little boy, who is black, has a commonly known haircut called skin-fade style.

Talking to the media, the mother said she opted to have her son's hair cut in that style to help with a medical condition.

Sharpe, who is a hairstylist, said this particular haircut helped hide his traction alopecia.

She also revealed that Josiah had the same cut since he was one and there was only one complaint.

 The schoolboy has been banned from the playground at break times and according to Kerry Rochester, the executive head of Summerhill Primary Academy, who said that pupils are not allowed to have "hairstyles that will detract from learning."

The mother said there is another reason her boy is sporting that hairstyle it is because it viewed as "smart, tidy appearance" in the Carribean community.

She explained: "In the Afro-Caribbean community, if a boy's hair is not long and plaited, or put in dreadlocks, we are expected to cut the hair very short for a smart, tidy appearance. It's not a fashion statement, in our culture hair at a grade two or three is regarded outgrown and untidy for a curly/coiled hair type."