Secrets Of Abusive Nuns Are Finally Coming Out: Will Religious Institutions Be Able To Resist?

Abuse of nuns at the hands of other nuns has long been a taboo, but the issue is now coming to light with some alleged victims finding the courage to talk.

Secrets Of Abusive Nuns Are Finally Coming Out: Will Religious Institutions Be Able To Resist?417
source: The Christian Broadcasting Network

Issues of sexual abuse in religious institutions are nothing new under the sun, and society has been dealing with that for a long time.

It is not that often that an actual confirmed story comes to light, however, and when it does, the details are usually more substantial than what most people are prepared to deal with.

And yet, this is something that has been happening around the globe, and this conversation cannot be ignored.

A recent story involving nuns, who had allegedly sexually abused students, has been drawing a lot of attention to the matter.

Sister Mary Juanita Barto has been implicated in alleged sexual abuse against a student named Cait Finnegan.

The nun reportedly quoted lines from Scripture while carrying out her heinous acts.

The incidents have left Finnegan with long-term mental scars, and it is something she has not fully recovered from.

Her situation was made more difficult by the fact that nobody wanted to hear her story decades ago when she was trying to draw attention to herself.

She stated: "She was obsessed with me 24 hours a day. The woman owned me. Nobody wanted to hear about the Vestal Virgins back then."

In fact, most people reportedly ignored her problems despite her repeated attempts to bring the story to light.

It is possible that this situation might have long-lasting repercussions on the religious world as a whole.

Some have already commented on the magnitude of the incident and are speculating that it could be one of the most significant developments in religion in general.

It is not clear exactly how deep the story goes at this point either, but it would not be surprising if even more damning revelations came to the surface sooner or later.

Leadership Conference of Women Religious, an organization that regroups Catholic nuns, reacted to the reports and stated: "We encourage persons with grievances involving allegations of sexual misconduct by a woman religious to approach the individual religious congregation involved. We believe that it is at this level that true healing can begin."

Finnegan did try to confront the alleged abuser some 20 years after the allegations took place, but she froze as the scene unfolded.