Security alert in several schools in the United States for a series of alleged threats on TikTok.


Security alert in several schools in the United States for a series of alleged threats on TikTok.

In some states, they outright canceled classes, while they increased school safety in others.

The news traveled the country in a matter of seconds. Some claim a series of threats through videos on the social network TikTok. They talk about shootings and bombings in schools across the country, including elementary schools, on Friday, December 17.

Although no one has shared the video as such (either because it was downloaded from the network or because, perhaps, it never existed), the truth is that in many school districts in the country, they took the threat very seriously.

Some school districts in California, Minnesota, and Texas have closed for the day. Others, like the Miami-Dade and Broward districts in South Florida, have decided to increase the police presence in their schools.

"We write to inform you, not to alarm you. We have been alerted to a series of threats throughout the country that have gone viral through TikTok in which they say that there will be shootings and bombings in all schools in the country on Friday, December 17," says a message sent to all parents from the Oak Park and River Forest school districts in Illinois.

"The Miami-Dade public school system has become aware of a general social media threat that includes schools across the country on Friday, December 17. Our school police are monitoring this matter. We will have an additional police presence over caution, and schools will remain alert throughout the day. As always, we ask that if you have information in this regard, please get in touch with us, "they indicated from the Miami Dade County School Department on their social networks.

In Broward County, they made a similar decision, increasing the police presence and remembering that making threats against a school constitutes a serious crime.

"We ask that you monitor your children's social media activity and discuss appropriate online behavior with them," the Broward Public Schools statement added.

From the central offices of TikTok, they claim to be unaware that these types of threats have occurred on their network.

"We take all kinds of threats, including rumors, very seriously. That is why we are working with law enforcement officials about possible cases of violence in schools, even though we have not found any evidence to indicate that the threats originated or disseminated through TikTok, "they said in a statement sent to the press.

Even though the FBI and the internal security department confirmed no credible threat, the schools took these actions. Although no one has said it publicly, the truth is that several cases ended in tragedies in which the federal authorities did not believe that there was an imminent risk.

An example of this case was the terrible shooting of February 14, 2018, at the Parkland, Florida high school. The FBI had been alerted about a young man making threats against students and did nothing to stop him for not considering it credible.

From TikTok, they are going further and subtly blaming the press for today's commotion. "We are very concerned about the proliferation of local press reports about a viral threat in our network that has not been found. This can inspire others to start a real threat", they indicated from the social network.