Sen. Rick Scott Writes To Prince Charles: ''Do Not Visit Cuba, Come to Florida Instead''

source: Pixabay

Florida Sen. Rick Scott sent an official letter to the British Prince Charles on Friday encouraging him to cancel his trip to Cuba and invited him to visit Florida instead.

Reportedly, the English monarch and his wife, Duchess of Cornwall would go to Cuba as part of their upcoming royal tour of the Caribbean. Clarence House, the office that represents the Prince of Wales, did not make any comments neither on the Sen. Scott's letter nor on the possible visit to Cuba.

In Sen. Scott's view, if Prince Charles goes to Havana, it would be a signal that he was supporting the ''ruthless dictatorship.''  Scott added that a high-rank visit to Cuba would provide ''unwarranted legitimacy to a decades-long dictatorship which was constantly persecuting and repressing its opponents.

In the name of democracy and freedom, as he put it, the Republican proposed to the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall to revise their plans and visit Florida and to learn more about the Cuban history and its political regime.

The words of Sen. Scott echoed the long-term Republican criticism of former President Barack Obama's decision to revive the US-Cuban diplomatic relations. In 2014, Obama put an end to the 54 years of hostility between Washington and Havana. In 2016, Obama became the first US president to visit Cuba since 1928. 

Although the trip to Havana has not been officially confirmed, internal sources claimed that Duchess of Cornwall has been looking forward to it. Reportedly, she discussed it with Baroness Hale, the president of the British Supreme Court, highlighting she was a fan of the local music but was a bit hesitant about the food.

Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall would be the first members of the British royal family to attend Cuba in an official capacity. As per the UK laws, every royal tour is undertaken at the request of the Foreign Office. During the tours, the members of the royal family exercise the so-called ''soft powers'' and diplomacy that regular politicians cannot conjure.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth stepped down from her overseas trips soon after she turned 90. 

When making official visits abroad, Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall usually focus on environmental issues, sustainable food production, religious tolerance and children's literacy. During their last visit to the Caribbean in 2017, they went to Antigua and Barbuda, the British Virgin Islands and the Dominican Republic.

Do you agree that Prince Charles should cancel his rumored trip to Havana?