Sergeant Nicole gee last and most emotional post, one of the American victims of the Kabul attack.


The 23-year-old is one of 13 US Army servicemen killed in the Islamic State attack, killing about 170 people. Days ago, his photography had traveled the world.

Just a week ago, 23-year-old Gee posted a photo of herself holding a baby in Kabul on her Instagram account that quickly went viral.

On August 20, the Department of Defense included the photo of Gee holding a baby in a series of images posted on Twitter. With the publication, the Pentagon account wrote: "Members of the United States military service comfort babies at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan."

In his latest photo, posted on August 22, Gee can be seen wearing his military uniform and carrying a rifle, standing near a line of evacuees boarding an army plane to leave Afghanistan. "Escorting the evacuees to the bird," he wrote.

Sergeant Mallory Harrison, who lived with Gee for three years and considered her a "forever sister" and best friend, wrote of her loss. "I can't describe the feeling I get when I force myself back to reality and realize that I will never see it again," Harrison wrote on Facebook. "How he took his last breath doing what he loved: helping people ... Then there was an explosion. And so, she is gone. "

Gee was initially from Roseville, California, and served as a maintenance technician with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, AP reported. According to the military publication, her colleagues described her as a "model marine," according to the military magazine, and she reportedly had perfect fitness scores.

Gee's Instagram account includes plenty of selfies after working out at the gym, and she alternates locations between North Carolina and "somewhere abroad." 

The photos show him riding a camel in Saudi Arabia, a bikini on a Greek island and a beer in Spain. Kuwait shows a sergeant shining with his spectacular progress this month.

Harrison said his generation of Marines was accustomed to hearing war stories from veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. Still, they appear far away between the boring displays in which they star until "your friends will never come home from the peaceful float you were on."

The attack by ISIS-K, which opposes the United States and the Taliban, came amid the chaos of the evacuation of Afghan Americans, allies, and refugees from Afghanistan since the Taliban quickly seized power a week ago. The Taliban takeover came two weeks before the August 31 deadline that President Joe Biden had set for the total withdrawal of US forces from the country.

On Saturday, the Pentagon announced that it had shot down "two major targets" of the Islamic State group, an "organizer" and an "operator." At the same time, another was wounded in a drone strike.