Sery Kim, racist to be or not to be, that is the question Texas has to answer

Sery remarks about Chinese immigrants took social media by storm labelling the republican racist


It seems the Trump administration has made its impact not just in supporters of Trump’s American Dream but on those too who worked with him. Such a case is of Korean American former Trump official Sery Kim, whose remarks caused a great hatred on social media and in news outlets. Born in South Korea on April 26, 1978, Sery Kim immigrated to the U.S. with her family in her childhood. She grew up in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex where she was also naturalized as a U.S. Citizen. On her website, Kim mentions the struggles her parents faced to pursue the 'American dream.

Series Kim has lost two of her major endorsement for a congressional candidate for Texas, she backed and standby her comments termed as racial in general and in a normal sense.

Below are some of the comments made by Serry Kim:

We were lied to for the last one year and two months and stayed at home because China created coronavirus in a Wuhan lab. I don’t want them (Chinese immigrants) here at all. They steal our intellectual property, they give us coronavirus, they don’t hold themselves accountable. And quite frankly I can say that because I’m Korean. I am Asian American, and I have never felt discriminated against because I blame China for the problems they have created. They are the ones that caused COVID. They are the ones that steal our technology. They are the ones that manipulate the borders. They are the ones that make you feel guilty because you want to shop at the small business down the street, as opposed to paying for the child labour that they have with the Uighurs.

Interestingly, but not surprisingly the GOP audience cheered her on and rushed to her after the forum was done. The lawmakers, both of whom endorsed Sery Kim in early March, have not rescinded their support, according to Callie Strock, a spokeswoman for Young Kim. Sery Kim told in an interview that “her remarks were directed at the Communist Party of China, and were not directed at Asian Americans, especially Chinese immigrants fleeing this oppressive regime. I have seen the countless sacrifices they made while they cleaned other people’s bathrooms, emptied trash cans in office buildings as I slept on the couches often working 2 or 3 jobs each to put food on the table and pay rent so I would be able to fulfil my potential," as she talked about her parents’ struggle.