Seven-Year-Old Highest Grossing Youtuber For 2018 By Forbes—Who Knew Toy Reviews Were So Popular?

A young child is a multi-millionaire due to the massive following of his toy reviews on Youtube.

source: Youtube

Forbes released their pick for the top-grossing Youtubers in 2018, and the result might surprise most people.  It would seem that 2018 was the year of toy reviews, as proven by the people over at RyanToyReview.  The information to determine the top dog was culled from earnings estimates on Captiv8, SocialBlade, and Pollstar. 

According to the bio posted on Forbes: "Ryan's just like every other 7-year-old.  He loves Legos, trains, cars, Disney—and his 17 million followers, who have generated 26 billion views.”  With his massive popularity, Ryan has managed to release his own line of toys, apparel and more that is currently selling at Walmart.

Now, here the thing I am sure everyone reading this article wants to know.  Because of Ryan's massive amount of views, he earned a cool $22 million in 2018.  Not bad for a 7-year-old giving his opinion on the toys he would and would not play with, huh?

Other names on the top list of 2018 Youtubers, which keeping in mind does not contain one female, came close to Ryan but fell short in the end.  Those included Jake Paul $21.5 million; Dude Perfect--20 million pounds; DanTDM--$18.5 million; Jeffree Star--$18 million; Markiplier--$17.5 million;

Vanoss Gaming--$17 million; Jacksepticeye--$16 million; PewDiePie--$15.5 million; and Logan Paul--$14.5 million.

As any Youtube fan can tell you, much like any area in the public eye, popularity is a very fleeting thing.  One day you're riding high on fame, and the next you find you have been replaced by the next newest face.  Just ask PewDiePie—only a few years ago he was the biggest thing on Youtube, with no other even coming close in earnings.  Now he finds himself barely in the top ten. 

This calls to wonder just how much the landscape will change over the next year.  Will Ryan still be top dog, or will a new, fresh face with a more exciting idea come along and knock Ryan out of the top spot?  It may very well happen, as the public remains in constant motion as to what does and does not hold its interest from moment to moment.

Even if Ryan were knocked out of the top spot, chances are good he will still remain in the top ten if not the top five for the list next year.  No matter how it all works out, Ryan is pretty much set for life, and he isn't even out of elementary school yet.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

Will RyanToysReview remain number one in Youtuber earnings and claim the top spot again for 2019?