Shooting At House Party Injures 19—Is This The Beginning Of More To Come?

source: Wikimedia Commons

Reports coming out of Chicago’s South Side early Sunday indicate a shooting at a house party.  Thirteen individuals were wounded, with four of them remaining in critical condition, as stated by the Chicago law enforcement.  The gunmen opened fire on the attendees of a house party, after which bedlam and panic broke out.  As partygoers proceeded to flee from the area, in order to seek out safety, additional shots rang out on the street outside.

The party was reported as being a memorial that was being given in memory of an individual who had been slain in April.  According to the police report, the shooting was a result of a dispute that had broken out.  Chief of Patrol, Fred Waller, stated that reports of shots first came in at just after 12:30 am.

The wounded ranged in age from 16 to 48 and was subject to various and different types of gunshot wounds to their persons. Two people have been apprehended and are currently being questioned in the incident.  One of the individuals was in possession of a weapon when they were arrested, and the other individual was among the wounded.

Waller stated that shots were fired after a dispute that occurred inside the location.  As attendees exited the house, more shots were fired, and police said there were three shooting scenes in all.  According to witnesses, the scene was one of chaos, even though officers responded within mere minutes.  Law enforcement individuals proceeded to assist the wounded upon arrival until ambulances and responders arrived on the scene.

Waller stated that it was confirmed that there were two different shooters.  Evidence gathered from the scene showed that the shooters had randomly fired upon the victims as they were exiting the party.  There didn't appear to be any rhyme or reason as to who they did or did not shoot at.

Chicago mayor, Lori Lightfoot, is calling the incident an act of cowardice and is urging anyone who may have information pertaining to the incident to come forward, please.  She also encouraged both neighbors and community leaders to rally around the victims and their families in support of those who are suffering from gun violence.

According to data that was gathered by the Tribune, more people were injured in this one single shooting than any other shooting in the city of Chicago since 2013.

Will this prove to be the beginning of more mass shootings to come in the city?