Shooting in Florida left at least two dead and more than 20 injured.


Alfredo Ramirez III, director of the Miami-Dade Police Department, said police were calling on the public to help with the shooting that killed at least two people and injured at least 20 others at a Florida club on Sunday morning.

Shortly after midnight, a white Nissan Pathfinder reached the El Mula Banquet Hall near Hialeah. Three men "got out of the vehicle with assault rifles and handguns and started firing indiscriminately at the crowd," Ramirez said.

Three people alighted from a truck outside a El Mula banquet hall, Miami-Dade County, and opened fire on a crowd. They are cold-blooded killers," said the local police director.

Police say two people were killed and an estimated 20 to 25 were injured in a shooting outside a banquet hall. Police reported to the media that the shooting began Sunday morning at the L.M.

The banquet hall was rented for a concert. Police Director Alfredo "Freddy" Ramirez III said three men got out of a truck and opened fire on the crowd outside. Authorities believe the shooting was directed.

"These are cold-blooded assassins who indiscriminately fired on the crowd, and we will seek justice," Ramirez said in a tweet. Two people were killed on the spot, according to police. Twenty-five people went to various hospitals for treatment, and at least one of them is in critical condition.

No arrests were made immediately. Police are searching for the Nissan Pathfinder, a reporter for the local network WPLG-TV said.

"It's a heinous act of gun violence, a cowardly act," Ramirez told the Miami Herald.

This is the second shooting in the Miami area so far this long weekend because of Monday's holiday. One person was killed and six were injured in Wynwood on Friday night.

The United States has a long and painful history of gun violence and mass killings that have targeted primary schools, workplaces, and shopping malls.

Since early 2021, more than 17,000 people have been killed by firearms in the United States, and 232 shootings with multiple victims have been recorded, according to the Gun Violence Archive site.

Last month, Biden called gun violence in the United States an "epidemic" and "international shame."