Shooting in the middle of a football game shocks: four injured.

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The event occurred at the meeting between teams from Vigor and Williamson high schools in Alabama.

A shooting outside the stadium while the match between the teams of Vigor and Williamson was being played in Mobile, Alabama, generated panic in the public present and the teams of both teams in a tournament involving both units of the secondary schools.

According to local authorities, the shooting started on one of the exit ramps. It caused four people (three men and one woman) to be transferred to hospitals near the shooting scene. Mobile Police Chief Paul Prine confessed that two of the victims were minors during a news conference outside the Ladd-Peebles sports complex. What's more, one of them was in critical condition, added the highest security authority.

In social networks, images of the moment where shots are heard in the background were broadcast. At the same time, players from one of the campuses begin to run across the playing field in the direction of somewhere to protect themselves from the situation. You can also see other people lying on the floor and running in the stands while the stadium's loudspeakers asked the public "to stay safe."

Mobile town police spokeswoman Katrina Frazier said the shooting began around 9:56 p.m. local time, calling the life-threatening injury to the person "potentially fatal." In addition, Police Chief Prine confirmed that the match "has stopped and had since ended" and added that no shots were fired inside the stadium.

"The shots were fired on the west ramp," Prine said. Officers found four shell casings in the area and believe there may have been up to seven shots fired. We have many people who may be involved, but there is probably only one shooter.

It's sad because our communities have to deal with something like this, "said Williamson coach Mellon Pete Jr.lamented in remarks posted on the AI ​​site. In turn, Vigor's head coach, John McKenzie, declared in the same vein as his colleague about the situation faced by the players and those present at the stadium in Alabama. "These things happen, and what can you do? We have to be an example and change the lives of these children," he said.

Finally, local security forces claimed that witnesses saw at least two people get into a white car and fled the scene after the shooting. Officers were working to locate them. So far, no arrests have been recorded for the incident that generated commotion in the community.