Shootings In Church Force Members To Look For Solutions -- Is Self Defense The Right Answer?

With churches across the country getting targeted for mass shooting, people of faith are trying to find an adequate response. They are hiring professionals.

Shootings In Church Force Members To Look For Solutions -- Is Self Defense The Right Answer?460
source: Patrick Owusu Ministries

Churches are under attack and Christians have decided to arm themselves to fight back.

In the past few years, a series of bloody massacres have taken place inside religious establishments -- most notably the horrific 2015 Charleston church shooting during which white supremacist Dylann Roof killed nine African-Americans.

And most recently, the Sutherland Springs church shooting left 26 dead and 20 others injured in the hands of a mass murderer named Devin Patrick Kelley.

Those horrific acts against people of faith have pushed the leaders of the Whole Life Ministries in Augusta, Georgia to respond by launching a unique program.

Every Saturday, the Whole Life Ministries welcomes church members from all over Georgia for what has been dubbed a security seminar.

For eight hours, Christians work with highly-skilled professional trainers from various security firms to learn skills to fight back and save their lives in case of an attack.
Zachary Goodwin, who has taken part in the program, spoke to local media and explained: "It’s important for us to remain situationally aware in a world that is changing. When it happens, it happens, and that’s why we have these types of seminars to get a routine of what to do in that situation.”

Due to the fact that most churches have an open-door policy, people, who attend services are advised to be trained and ready to protect themselves and their loved ones in case of a shooting.

Goodwin went on to say the following about his decision to get the proper training: “Sitting at church, anything could happen and we all have the same feelings, the same questions because what makes this situation different than others -- like schools and government buildings -- is we have to find balance between an open-door ministry, as well as a safe environment for those that choose to worship and to worship without threat or distraction.”

Aaron Cohrs, who works at Whole Life Ministries as part of its security detail, added: “I think Christianity has been under attack since Jesus walked on the Earth’s become more and more under attack. I think the church just has to stand up for what we believe in.”

Should more churches do things like this?