Should A Fired Meteorologist Be Forgiven After Fumbling Martin Luther King Jr.'s Name?   

Fired meteorologist Jeremy Kappell is asking for forgiveness. Al Roker offers him an olive branch, should others do the same?


Jeremy Kappell, a meteorologist from New York, has been fired from his post after a very controversial incident while on air.


Mr. Kappell appeared on WHEC-TV in Rochester until January 4, 2019, which is when the network dumped him for allegedly using a racial slur while talking about Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park.

As the camera was focused on the park, the meteorologist talked over it and seemed to fumble his words by saying "Martin Luther Coon King Jr. Park."

A video of the incident went viral, and many people called for the firing of

News10NBC's Vice-President and General Manager Richard Reingold issued a statement explaining his decision to ax Kappell.

Mr. Reingold began with an apology, called Mr. King, Jr. one of America’s greatest heroes, and went on to say: "On behalf of News10NBC, I apologize for our broadcast of a racial slur in reference to Martin Luther King, Jr. Park during our Friday evening broadcast (1/4/19). Upon learning of the incident, News10NBC leadership immediately initiated an internal investigation and internal discussion, and by Sunday had made a staffing change."

The apologetic statement continued: "As a result of that broadcast, meteorologist Jeremy Kappell is no longer with News10NBC. We believe strongly in holding our reporters and anchors to the highest standard. These words have no place on News10NBC’s air, and the fact that we broadcast them disheartens and disgusts me; that it was not caught immediately is inexcusable. "

Via Facebook, Kappell with his wife by his side confessed to stumbling on the name of one of the greatest civic leaders of all time but did not intend to use a racial slur.                     

He stated: "..unfortunately, I spoke a little too fast when I was referencing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, so fast to the point where I jumbled a couple of words. Now, in my mind, I knew that I had mispronounced, but there was no malice…"

The TV personality also added:  "I sincerely apologize, I would never want to tarnish the reputation of such a great man as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr."

Mr. Kappell is thinking about suing the network. Should he do it?