Should Nicolas Cage Pay Spousal Support to Erika Koike For Only Four Days of Marriage?

Should Nicolas Cage Pay Spousal Support to Erika Koike For Only Four Days of Marriage?692
source: Wikimedia Commons

Although their marriage lasted only four days, the make-up artist Erika Koike, 34, claims she has the right of spousal support. She also wants the Golden Globe winner to cover her legal fees.

The ex-couple dated for almost a year before they got married during a night of drinking in Las Vegas in March, sources say. The ''Face/Off'' star filed for annulment only four days later saying he was too drunk to understand the seriousness of his actions that night. The actor also accused his ex-wife that she was not completely honest with him about her previous criminal records.

According to the court documents, both Cage and Koike looked intoxicated and even raised voice to each other before the wedding ceremony, US Weekly reports.

In response to her ex-husband request for annulment, Koike has now filed legal papers saying that her reputation has suffered damages. In her opinion, Cage's actions harmed her career as she missed some job opportunities, TMZ reports. Therefore, the make up artist is now seeking financial compensation and would like Cage to cover her legal fees as well.

Koike also added that although she agreed to dissolve the marriage, she disagreed with the statements of Cage that it was based on fraud. Moreover, Koike also insisted that the annulment request should be denied. 

In support of her arguments, she claimed that Cage asked her for a second chance almost two weeks after the filing for an annulment, which according to her was a clear sign that their relationship was legit.

That is the fourth marriage in a row that did not work out right for the Oscar winner Cage. From 1995 to 2001, he was married to the fellow actress Patricia Arquette. 

Soon after the broke up, Nicolas Cage started dating the daughter of Elvis Presley, the song writer, and musician Lisa Marie Presley. They got married in 2002 on a secret wedding in Hawaii but filed for divorce only three months later.

In 2004, Cage married Alice Kim, a waitress he met in one of his favorite restaurants. They shared a son together called Kal-El. The child is the second son for Cage after Weston who was born in 1990 to his former girlfriend Christina Fulton.

What is your opinion? Do you agree or disagree that Erika Koike is entitled to spousal support after only four days of marriage?