Sleep on it? What happens when we go to bed in anger?

source: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Anger quickly arises in us but slowly goes away. Stress management is not easy, but we must learn because when we are anxious, angry, we almost always go to bed under these emotions' influence. What happens then?

Anger disrupts your sleep.

When we are under stress, we are angry, the so-called fight or flight reactions are triggered in our body. We are physically alert even if we are not aware of it, making it difficult to fall asleep and sleep. We must not forget that lack of sleep makes us even more irritable, exhausted. 

It carries a serious risk to our health.

Several studies have shown that the quality of sleep affects the overall health of a person. Restful sleep acts as a therapy to restore our physical and mental health. Under the influence of negative emotions, our body releases stress hormones. In the long term, insomnia can lead to depression, blood pressure problems, and high blood sugar levels.

Difficulty getting through negative emotions.

Our brain processes information from the past day and stores it in short-term and long-term memory during sleep. When we go to bed angry or sad, these negative emotions are "stored" in "our long-term memory. Thus, in the morning, in addition to the fact that we do not rest, we wake up with the feeling that anger, a sense of heaviness, sadness are leaving us. 

The Harm of Intimacy

Suppose you go to bed at night feeling angry with your partner, or another factor triggers your anger. In that case, this is undoubtedly a toxic effect on your relationship. If you are in conflict with a loved one and both cannot sleep well, the negativity will continue to be felt the next day.

When these cases increase, the relationship is doomed to fail. How you handle disagreements can strengthen or hurt your relationship.

There is a risk of gaining weight.

For two reasons. First, lack of sleep increases our hunger for junk food the next day. The level of cortisol also rises, which is also responsible for gaining extra pounds. Wicked going to bed creates complete chaos with the hormones we eat emotionally, including at night. All this saturates us.