Sliding platforms and 360-degree vision: the shocking new simulator that Ferrari presented for F1 in 2022.


Next season, the Italian team signed an agreement with a company to create a simulator in which the team's drivers will work.

Ferrari is not holding a good period in Formula 1. With Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, the historic Italian team is fourth in the constructors' championship behind Red Bull, Mercedes, and McLaren. But beyond the objectives for the 2021 calendar, the Prancing Horse factory is already planning what will be next year in the highest category of world motorsport.

In this way, with a view to the 2022 regulation, which will include financial, sporting, and technical modifications, Ferrari closed an agreement with the company Dynisma, in charge of making an impressive new simulator that the F1 drivers will begin to use in September to prepare for face to next season.

Through a statement released by the team, he indicated that the new structure would have sliding platforms and a 360-degree view for the team's drivers. 

The new simulator is at the forefront of this field and reproduces the 360 ° environment, the lowest delay, and the widest bandwidth currently available on the market. It is based on a completely new concept, which has resulted in a collaboration between Scuderia Ferrari and Dynisma. It's designed specifically for the Maranello team.

In the run-up to the Hungarian Grand Prix on the Hungaroring circuit from July 30 to August 1, Ferrari announced that its new simulator had already been installed between headquarters. Gestione Sportiva And Fiorano Track.

According to the CEO of the British tech company, a new way of working has opened up for Italians heading into next season. "All my experience in Formula 1 certified me that the simulators of movement simply were not realistic or responsive enough. So we set up Dynisma to change that and on a mission to create the world's most immersive simulator and expand access to the best high-fidelity and responsive motion generators that pilots and engineers could wish for, "said Ash Warne.

In addition, the manufacturer explained how the new structure works, which is very close to the formula 1 car ride. "The large bandwidth facilitates an action that is not possible on conventional motion platforms. The driving session contains information in frequencies well above 30 Hz. Hence, the noise of the asphalt of the track emerges, above the vibrations of the engine, giving sensations about the dynamics of the vehicle with high fidelity".

Ferrari knows that 2022 will be a new year for the category. It could also mean its return to the forefront, after the almost exclusive dominance of Mercedes in recent times by the hand of the seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton.

It is important to note that the F1 will implement the team's 5 175 million teams, which will apply to performance-related costs, not including marketing, salaries, and the cost of three well-paid staff members. In addition, the cars will have a new aerodynamic concept in which the floor of the cars will be very important.