'SNL' Joking About R. Kelly And The Catholic Church Abuses Ticked Off Many Catholics -- Should Pete Davidson Apologize?

The Catholic Church is coming after SNL and Pete Davidson for linking the religious entity to R. Kelly and the serious allegations that he is currently facing.

'SNL' Joking About R. Kelly And The Catholic Church Abuses Ticked Off Many Catholics -- Should Pete Davidson Apologize?527
source: Fox News

It looks like Saturday Night Live’s recent joke about sexual abuse in religious environments is not getting a warm reception by everyone, as certain people involved in religion have demonstrated they are displeased over the skit.

More specifically, the Diocese of Brooklyn came out with a recent statement demanding that SNL issue an apology.

The joke in question referenced the recent scandals around R&B singer R. Kelly, implying that anyone who supports him is on the same level as those who back the Catholic Church.

Comedian Pete Davidson stated: "Before I continue, this guy is a monster and he should go to jail forever. But if you support the Catholic church, isn’t that like the same thing as being an R. Kelly fan? I don’t really see the difference, except for one’s music is significantly better."

The joke received a moderately warm reception and was commented several times on social media, though it does not seem like it managed to spread that far.

Until now -- it appears that the response by the Diocese of Brooklyn has triggered the “Streisand effect” to some degree, with many people commenting on the situation and mocking the church official’s behavior.

It looks like most people are trying to keep the situation in a good spirit, despite the angry comments from the other side.

However, the Diocese of Brooklyn was adamant that the situation is not something people should be joking about, and he sounded disappointed at the way the public was comparing the scandals around R. Kelly to the Church.

The statement from the entity read: "Apparently, the only acceptable bias these days is against the Catholic Church. The faithful of our Church are disgusted by the harassment by those in news and entertainment, and this sketch offends millions. The mockery of this difficult time in the Church’s history serves no purpose."

This response does not seem to have done any good for the religious institution so far though, as it looks like many have started to mock his position even further.

Some have also called out to R. Kelly for comments, according to reports, though that has so far been fruitless.

Do you agree or disagree that the joke is inappropriate?