Some Google workers in the United States will return to offices in April.


Although the company encourages employees to get vaccinated, it does not require them to return to face-to-face work. It is also expanding some benefits related to the pandemic. What will the return be like?

Days ago, Google sent an email to some employees stating that it is planning to return to the offices in April. Undoubtedly, this initiative sets a precedent in return to face-to-face work in the corporate world. At the beginning of the pandemic, technology companies were the first to close their doors, completely migrating to the remote work or home office model.

Today, the trend is changing towards hybrid work models. Virtual and face-to-face work coexist. Employees who attend the offices and continue working remotely on other days of the week, or the entire week, depending on the cases and positions. 

According to information published by The Wall Street Journal, Google will double the size of its offices. This year, it would spend $ 7 billion to expand its offices and data centers in the United States. Thus, the technology giant would hire at least 10,000 new employees in 2021, expecting a post-pandemic recovery in the United States.

In April of last year, the company told staff that Google would cut back on hiring. However, 2020 was another successful year for the company, which has benefited from the accelerated growth of internet ad spend.

This year's investment plan is targeting its existing offices. However, it is also creating three new offices in Minnesota, Texas, and North Carolina, expanding Google's presence to 19 states.

Likewise, he has indicated that he will add thousands of positions in Atlanta, Washington, Chicago, and New York, growing beyond Silicon Valley. 

Workers who received the email will have the option for a few months (through September) to choose to return to the office. While Google is encouraging workers to get vaccinated, it does not require them to return to face-to-face work.

The company is expanding some benefits related to the pandemic. The offices will operate with a limited capacity of people, also considering variations for each case, depending on where the office is located in the United States, to begin with.

"They will begin to open with a limited capacity based on specific criteria including increases in vaccine availability and declining trends in COVID-19 cases," Fiona Cicconi, Google's chief of staff, wrote in an email. By The New York Times.

Google said workers who choose to return would have to wear masks, respect social distancing, and pass a health survey.

Mountain View, the California company, follows similar announcements from other technology companies such as Facebook and Microsoft. Thus, they gradually begin to reopen their doors as vaccines become available to more people.

For its part, Mark Zuckerberg's company announced weeks ago that its Menlo Park headquarters would open in May. Microsoft, for its part, returned to face-to-face work on March 29. Employees from 21 countries where the number of infections has dropped will return to the offices.

Other companies such as Uber already allow a limited number of employees to return to their offices in San Francisco, United States. Twitter distinguishes itself, which has allowed employees to work remotely indefinitely.