South Korea responded to threats from Kim Jong-un's sister over military exercises with the United States.


On Sunday, Kim Yo-jong published a statement warning of the "negative effect" that these exercises can have, which he sees as a trial to invade his territory.

South Korea said today that it is working "prudently and flexibly" about military exercises with the US scheduled for this month after North Korea warned of the danger that such maneuvers would derail the recent rapprochement on the peninsula.

"The Ministry of Unification (in charge of relations with the North) has always worked prudently and flexibly with the idea that the joint South Korean-US military exercises should not be used as an opportunity to increase tensions on the Korean peninsula. "Said the spokeswoman for the ministry above, Lee Hong-Joo, at a press conference today.

His words come after the North Korean leader's sister, Kim Yo-jong, released a statement on Sunday warning of the negative effect of these maneuvers, which Pyongyang sees as a test to invade their territory after both Koreas have communication resumed.

For his part, Boo Seung-chan, a spokesman for the Southern Ministry of National Defense, explained at another press conference today how the annual war games have been decided.

"South Korea and the United States maintain close ties and take into account the relevant circumstances," Boo said in a statement submitted by the Yonhap agency.

It was announced last Tuesday that Pyongyang had resumed telecommunications with Seoul 13 months after it chose to block these lines against the use of balloons, sending anti-government propaganda by activists from the south. Agreed to

The announcement has raised hopes that the inter-Korean dialogue will advance. Talks between North Korea and the United States on denuclearization stalled since the failed Hanoi summit in 2019 could resume.

The sister of the North Korean dictator, who is also considered a possible successor to power, criticized the planned South Korean and US military exercises.

I am pretty sure that the military drill, taking place at a significant turning point, will become an unpleasant prelude that will seriously damage the will of North and South leaders to rebuild trust again," Kim said. Yo Jong, known for being ruthless, even more so than her brother.

He also assured that these exercises - which South Korea and the US are rethinking in the face of the détente of relations - "will further cloud the path that lies ahead for inter-Korean relations," and demanded that Seoul adopt "a bold decision." and override them. Hope or despair? The decision is not up to us, "he said in an article published in the official North Korean news agency KCNA, picked up by his counterpart from the South, Yonhap.