Statistics Show The Number One Cause Of Deaths Worldwide Last Year Was Abortion—Can This Be Accurate?

source: WebMD

The numbers have been crunched and the official report has been released.  The number one cause of deaths worldwide in 2018 was—abortions.  An estimated forty-one million children were killed before they were ever given the chance to live.

During the time from January 1st to December 31st, 2018 an estimated forty-one million abortions were performed worldwide, as reported by Worldometers.  Just to help put the magnitude of this number into better perspective, an estimated 8.2 million individuals died from cancer, five million from smoking, and 1.7 million died from HIV/AIDS in the same year-long time frame.

The American Library Association (ALA) voted Worldometers the number one free resource reference websites.  The site keeps a running tab all year long of major statistics the world over.  Some of the statistics the website keeps track of include births, deaths, population, automobiles produced and CO2 emissions to name a few.  The website compiles information and statistics from the World Health Organization to also track the number of abortions performed each year worldwide. 

The statistics for 2018 were more than a little eye opening and downright shocking.  The data showed that a little under a quarter of all pregnancies (23% to be exact) ended with an abortion.  And for every thirty-three infants who made it long enough to take their first breath, another ten were just as swiftly aborted.

Data also revealed the harrowing information that more deaths ended in abortion in 2018 than cancer, HIV/AIDS, malaria, smoking, and traffic-related deaths—combined.  These staggering numbers have led certain observers to call abortion “the social justice cause of our time.”  This is because of its sheer magnitude and its reach that other human rights issue can not even pale in comparison.

The year 2018 seemed to declare war on the unborn in other ways as well.  In Ireland, the year saw the repeal of the countries eighth amendment, which was one of the last remaining laws that recognized and protected the rights of the unborn.  Since its halt in 2017 of revising abortion statistics in the UK, abortions have risen 10%.

As for the US, there will be a march for life on January 18th, in commemoration of the Roe vs Wade verdict which made abortion legal and available on demand throughout the entire fifty US states.

Do you think this is only the beginning?  Will the numbers continue to skyrocket?