SteamVR beta lets you organize desktop windows during games.


This new function will allow applications from other programs within virtual worlds in a futuristic style.

Some time ago, it would be thought that the ability to leave navigation windows floating or wearing them on the wrist was something exclusive to science fiction movies. Still, it is already an option that SteamVR users will have.

The new update of the SteamVR beta brought some of the most exciting news that has come to the program for quite some time because now it will allow its users to manage windows of other programs within virtual reality games and leave them floating within such worlds.

This means that interested users can leave browsing windows with searches. At the same time, they figure out something for a game or, even more surprisingly, they may even be able to watch movies while inside certain virtual reality games that do not require much intensity.

SteamVR had previously experimented with quite similar external integration functions. However, the closest that had been achieved was the possibility of placing specific navigation windows on the users' wrists, right where the virtual reality equipment controls would be. . This inclusion within the games was seen as having futuristic and holographic clocks in the eyes of the users.

Another difference with that previous function was that the windows also disappeared as soon as they were no longer in use. With the new update, the windows will remain overlaid where users decide to leave them. In addition, it was revealed that it would be possible to opt for the option of wearing the windows on the wrists if desired; to do so, it will be enough to bring the window close to the hand, and it will adhere as if it were a magnet.

A critical point will be the possibility of activating or deactivating the interaction with those same windows so that you do not end up changing something unintentionally while trying to interact with the game. This new option could be pretty helpful, especially for virtual reality content creators such as those players who record Beat Saber games or sessions within VRChat.

It should be noted that this feature is currently available to SteamVR beta users, not in the standard version. Likewise, accessing the software betas is quite accessible since you only have to look for the program in the library, access the "priorities" tab, and register for the beta tests.

Interestingly, no new information has been released for version 2.0 of SteamVR announced earlier in the year. This new version would be highly anticipated by all users, especially those who have access to the latest reality equipment such as the Valve Index and the Oculus Quest 2.

The floating desktop windows will be officially released to all SteamVR users in the program's 1.19.6 update and compatible with Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.