Stephen Buttigieg, the hands, the pride of the tweet to the HISTORY of the Republican party

Our community is constantly under attack, and when I saw the tweet, the president said to me


Stephen Buttigieg, the husband of Transportation, the Secretary of Petey, Buttigieg called the Republican party Chair Ronna McDaniel, a "two-faced", and then tweeting about the HISTORY of Pride Month.

McDaniel wrote on twitter last week that the Republican Party is proud to have doubled their support for the LGBT community over the past 4 years, and we're going to continue to build up our large tent, in order to support the measures in order to promote fair and balanced, in order to protect LGBT People, and those with a deep religious faith."

Buttigieg challenged McDaniel's opinion, in writing, to the people with a deep-rooted religious beliefs," is often the parents who kick LGBTQ children from their home and into the streets."

"Go to your party platform before you open your mouth, o, # pride," he said.

Buttigieg expanded on his Twitter, MOVIE interviews, and on Monday, noting that the GOP's platform is still opposed to marriage equality.

"Our community is constantly under attack, and when I saw the tweet, the president said to me," he said in the program " Good morning, Joe."

"I think that such a statement is hypocritical and dangerous. I would like to make it clear: I believe that all people with deep-rooted religious beliefs are anti-gay, and I know that a lot of LGBT people who consider themselves to be very religious."

Buttigieg added that McDaniel's editorial, send a message to the Republican Party is going to be more tolerant towards the LGBT community, but we are also going to be accommodating to the people that I want to deprive you of the housing, deprive you of your civil liberties."

The Republican National Committee immediately called for a response from NBC News for comment.

So far, the Republican leader, has introduced more than 100 bills targeting LGBTQ community, especially transgender people, young people, and by 2021 at the latest.

Buttigieg said that in Washington, dc, with his wife, he is considered to be a "political person."

"But now we are in this together, and I'm using this platform, and I think I might just sit back and watch as our community is constantly attacked by people like the president," he said on " Good Morning Joe program."

Buttigieg's book, "I Want to Tell You Something," a memoir of growing up gay in rural areas of Michigan, came out in hardcover last week, at the start of Pride Month.

"When I was growing up, it was dedicated, in a rural area in northern Michigan, "he said on Saturday on ABC's"Good Morning America." "I didn't know what it was like to be gay." I thought I was the only one. I wanted to write a book that would be very, very weak, and very open-minded as I would like, in addition to young to go through something like that for themselves, in the next part."